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Recent Events

What's Fair? A Lecture Series on Justice and Desert in America

The Fairness series recently brought Thomas Pogge, Leitner Professor of Philosophy and International Affairs at Yale, who spoke on "The Fairness of People and Procedures." Other speakers have included Paul Woodruff, Tom Hurka, and Ruth Grant.

Economic Crisis: Causes, Consequences, and Remedies

The Economic Crisis series has brought thinkers from a variety of perspectives to discuss the economic and political roots of the crisis, its historical precedents and origins, and potential remedies in moving forward. Speakers have included Menzie Chinn, John Allison, Stephen Rose, and Lawrence White.

Conservatism and Progressivism in America

The Conservatism and Progressivism in America lecture series brought speakers Thomas Spragens, Patrick Deneen, and William Galston—scholars and public intellectuals of the left and right—to speak about the principles, history, and future of Conservatism and Progressivism.

Lence Master Teacher

Spring 2013 brought William Barclay Allen as the Lence Master Teacher. The Spring 2012 Lence Master Teacher was Robert C. Bartlett. His talks over the days of the Lence Master Teacher Residency included a question and answer session with Dr. Sue Collins, “Translating Aristotle’s Ethics in the Modern Age,” a lunchtime talk on “Ancients and Moderns on the Problem of Chance,” and the keynote at the Lence Master Teacher Dinner, “Liberal Education and the Five Essential Questions.”

Recent News

Debating Conservatism and Progressivism - Phronesis students write about recent lectures by Thomas Spragens and Patrick Deneen.

Phronesis Lectures, from Economics to FairnessPhronesis Fellows share their impressions of this year's lecture series and preview upcoming speakers.