2011 News & Events

2011 Events

Banning the Burqa in France: Where Multiculturalism and Secular Values Collide

Dr. Dina Alsowayel (Department of Women’s Studies, University of Houston), Fatima Hye (Student, University of Houston),  Dr. Ron Mallon (Department of Philosophy, University of Utah), and Dr. Robert Zaretsky (Department of History and the Honors College, University of Houston) discuss the recent French law that bans all forms of face covering in public places. (3.25.2011)

All the World's a Stage? Presenting and Excusing the Natural Self

In a public lecture, Dr. Ron Mallon (Philosophy Department, University of Utah) talks about how our beliefs about the natural world help to shape our identity and behavior. (3.25.2011)

Ross M. Lence Residency with 2011 Master Teacher Michael Zuckert

2011 Lence Master Teacher Michael Zuckert offered a lecture on The Tempest, spoke at classes at the University of Houston and The Kinkaid School (as part of the Honors and the Schools program), and presented the keynote speech at the Lence Master Teacher dinner. Phronesis faculty and Junior Fellows also attended a colloquium with Zuckert. (2.17-18.2011)