A minor in Medicine & Society requires 15 hours of approved coursework, including the foundation course, “Readings in Medicine & Society” (HON 3301H). Four elective courses may be chosen from the list of courses approved for the minor, and at least two of these must be taken at the advanced level; in some cases, other related coursework or internships may be applied toward the minor, with prior approval from the director and associate director. Students must earn a 3.0 or higher in all coursework for the minor.
In addition, students must complete at least 12 hours in residence, 9 hours of which must be at the advanced level. A maximum of 6 hours of approved transfer credits may be accepted toward the minor upon the approval of the program coordinator. No more than 6 hours of a student’s major may be applied toward the minor.

For more information, contact:
Dr. Helen Valier
Associate Director, Medicine & Society Program

Students must complete 15 semester hours of approved coursework, including:
I. HON 3301H: Readings in Medicine and Society
II. 6-12 hours from the following courses:
    COMM 3300:     Health Communication
    ENGL 4371H:    Literature and Medicine*
    HON 3304H:     Objects of Medicine*
    HON 3305H:     Medicine in Performance
    HON 3306H:     Health and Human Rights
    HON 4397H:     The Holocaust and Medical Ethics
    HIST 3303H:    Disease, Health, and Medicine
    HIST 3316H:    Race & Racism in American Science and Medicine
    HIST 3318:      History of American Health Care Policy
    HIST 3319H:    Plagues & Pestilence: Epidemics
    SOC 3345:       Sociology of Death & Dying
    SOC 3350:       Sociology of the Body
    SOC 3380:       Introduction to the Sociology of Health Care
    SOC 3382:       Sociology of Drug Use and Recovery

III. 0-6 hours from the following courses:
    ANTH 3350:     Women and Health
    ANTH 3364:     Disease in Antiquity
    ANTH 4331:     Medical Anthropology
    ANTH 4352:     Biomedical Anthropology
    ANTH 4384:     Anthropology of HIV
    COMM 3301:    Deaf Culture
    COMM 3302:    eHealth and Telemedicine
    COMM 3303:    Health Literacy
    COMM 3304:    Multicultural Health Communication
    COMM 3305:    Communication and Catastrophic Illnesses
    OPTO 1300H:   Intro to the Health Professions
    PHIL 3354:      Medical Ethics
    POLS 4363:     Science, Technology, and Public Policy
    PSYC 2335:     Intro to Health Psychology
    SOC 1301H:    Intro to Sociology: Health Emphasis sections

IV. Students may petition appropriate special topics classes for up to 6 hours of credit, or 2 courses, toward the minor. The request must be approved by the Honors dean and the Medicine & Society coordinator.

Note: Courses may be added to the approved list between editions of the catalog.