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How to Register for the Minor

Sign up for The Medicine & Society Minor

  1. Make an appointment with The Medicine & Society academic advisor in regards to changing your minor status. You may schedule an appointment by dialing the student services main office at (713) 743-9010.

  2. Complete the online minor request form

  3. Using your peoplesoft account, browse the course catalog and enroll in all your necessary or desired courses found within the coursebook for each semester. You may take classes that are a part of The Medicine & Society Minor regardless of your minor status.

  4. Visit with your academic advisors throughout the course of your college career to ensure you are properly obtaining the required 15-18 semester hours necessary to graduate with a Medicine & Society Minor.

Make Contact

The Medicine & Society Program


Honors College Dean and Medicine & Society Director: Dr. William Monroe


Phone: 713.743.3986

Medicine & Society Coordinator and Academic Advisor: Dr. Helen Valier


Phone: 713.743.9021

Academic Advisor: Shasta Jones


Phone: 713.743.9010