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Get Started with ePortfolio

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Request access to thePortfolio link in your Blackboard Learn account:

  2. Login to your Blackboard Learn accountIt will take 2-3 business days for this link to show up in your account.
  3. Open the Honors ePortfolio Program link. This link will remain in your Blackboard account throughout your academic career in the Honors College. Even though you may not be enrolled in the ePortfolio one-hour course, the materials within this link should be utilized for both storage and reflection.
  4. Review the information available to learn more about how to build an ePortfolio. Click on the link. The "Recommended Sections for the ePortfolio Program" located within the Getting Started section should serve as a blueprint or road map for your time in Honors. For instance, one of the sections is "Leadership and Service," which means we recommend that you are active in campus life. 
  5. Use the My Portfolios section for storage. Use the ePortfolio folders to save your best course papers, résumés, research posters, awards, and other materials that highlight your time at the University of Houston. Building out these folders will better prepare you for when it comes time to create your public ePortfolio, and when you are developing personal essays and graduate school application materials. During advising sessions, Honors College advisors will check-in with you to inquire what you have uploaded into My Portfolios.
  6. Reflection Papers. It is encouraged that at least once per semester, you develop a 2-page reflection piece on a favorite text, lecture, or co-curricular experience. These reflections are private, and only for your benefit. The pieces will enable you to better examine your educational path, and will be helpful to you when you are developing your public ePortfolio, and personal essay and application materials for graduate or professional school applications. More information is available within the "Reflection Pieces" section of your ePortfolio link.

How to Approach a Reflection Paper?*

Here are examples:

Reflection Piece 1 - Service & Leadership

Reflection Piece 2 - Service

*Visit the ePortfolio link in your Blackboard Learn account to learn more about how to develop a reflection piece.

Ready to “Go Live” with your ePortfolio?

Keep in mind, the Honors ePortfolio is much more than a comprehensive online résumé. The ePortfolio is a reflective tool for you to consider what you have achieved and where you are headed. A published ePortfolio provides an illustrative forum for faculty letter writers, selection committees for graduate and professional school, and potential employers to learn about the highlights of your educational career.

Before you ever “go live” with launching your portfolio, it is imperative for you to consider the following:

Who is my audience?

  • What do I want my audience to know about me?
  • Why have I chosen this particular academic and career path?
  • What are among my most noteworthy accomplishments during my academic career?

Suggested Sections for your ePortfolio:*

  • Welcome (the Welcome Section is the first page or index page of your ePortfolio)
  • Academics/Coursework 
  • Research Section
  • Leadership/Service Section
  • Internships/Work Experience
  • Additional Sections

Please keep in mind the sections listed above are recommended, but certainly not required. This is your academic and intellectual story. There will likely be sections that you will want to add or omit based on your personal experience in Honors and at the University of Houston. Additional sections might include Study Abroad or International Experiences; Mentorship; Community Engagement; Senior Honors Thesis; Performances; Awards and Recognitions; Public Service; Activism; References; etc.

*Visit the ePortfolio link in your Blackboard Learn account to learn more about how to populate each section of your ePortfolio. Tutorial videos and guidelines are available for each section.

Please direct questions to

ePortfolio Course

The one-credit hour ePortfolio course is re­­­commended for juniors and seniors to successfully transition their stored ePortfolio Blackboard files into a public site to share. The course will guide students through the “folio process” of developing an ePortfolio, assisting students in creating their online persona. The course also includes the development of other professional tools, such as conducting an engaging interview, composing a compelling personal essay, and creating an effective résumé. Visit the course page for more information on the ePortfolio course.

Outside of taking the ePortfolio course, there are many different sources available when creating a public ePortfolio (some are free, some are not). Be sure to peruse the resources available before deciding what is best for you. The Honors College recommends using Googlios, since it is a free resource, interfaces seamlessly with other online sites, and allows you to control the privacy settings. This can be accessed through “Google Sites,” and online tutorials and templates are available. Be sure to take your time when developing the appropriate design for your intended audience. Tip: Before working with the electronic template, be sure to first develop a model or diagram of how you would like to build out your portfolio.

Please direct questions to