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ePortfolio Class

The one-hour ePortfolio course is re­­­commended for juniors and seniors to successfully transition their stored ePortfolio Blackboard files into a public site to share. The course will guide students through the “folio process” of developing an ePortfolio, assisting students in creating their online persona. 

Juniors and Seniors should plan to enroll in the one-credit hour course in Spring 2015:

Course & Class Num: HON 4130
Days & Times: F 1:00-2:00 
Instructor: Dr. Christine LeVeaux-Haley and Karen Weber

HON 4130 ePortfolio course description:

The one-credit hour ePortfolio course is two-fold in nature. It is a retrospective of a student’s Honors education, but also prospective in nature—serving as a preview of what’s coming next. Students are guided through the “folio process” of determining how to develop their public ePortfolio profile to share with external constituents. The instructors review the students’ reflection pieces and archived materials, and aid them in the process of creating their self-narrative and public ePortfolio profile. Google Sites is used to create students' portfolios.

Not yet a Junior or Senior? Contact for more information about taking the ePortfolio course.