Center for Creative Work

The Center for Creative Work offers courses and programs designed for Honors students interested in a critical and interdisciplinary arts environment. We provide workshops, directed studies, art outings, retreats and signature events such as the Dionysia that bring together great books and creative minds.

The minor in Creative Work provides a multidisciplinary art in context program that integrates creative projects, critical study, and cultural research. Beginning with our foundation course, HON 3310: Poetics and Performance, students explore creativity in classes across the disciplines designed to bridge art, film, literature, theatre, and music with studies of culture, history, language, business, and society. To date, more than 100 students have enrolled in or graduated with the CCW minor.

Upcoming Event: Week of the Dead

Join CCW and HP2 as they celebrate the week of the dead, Honors style.week of the dead sugar skull

Throughout the week, students from Medicine and Society courses will perform theater pieces and host interactive art installations addressing medicine and mortality and rituals and the afterlife. On Friday, a "death panel" of Honors faculty will discuss mortality. Ofrendas, or offerings, to Human Situation authors and characters will be on display throughout Honors the entire week. All events start at 2:30 in the Honors Commons.