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Creative Work Minor

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About the Creative Work Minor

The minor in Creative Work provides a multidisciplinary art in context program that integrates creative projects, critical study, and cultural research. Beginning with our foundation course, HON 3310: Poetics and Performance, students explore creativity in classes across the disciplines designed to bridge art, film, literature, theatre, and music with studies of culture, history, language, business, and society.

Though the Creative Work minor is housed in the Honors College, the participation of non-Honors students is encouraged. The Honors College serves as a hub for academic and creative activities throughout the University. Partnership with various departments, disciplines, and programs is at the very heart of the Creative Work minor.

The Creative Writing Program, the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts, the Moores School of Music, and the School of Theatre and Dance are just a few of the many supporters across campus for the Creative Work minor. Professors from various departments including Music, Political Science, and Philosophy have helped to shape this program of study.

Each year the Center for Creative Work will add at least ten new students into the Creative Work minor. We have offered a version of the capstone course, Artists & Their Regions, regularly in recent semesters, and have filled it above capacity. We will attract students not only from Honors College courses such as The Human Situation, but also from creative writing workshops and other studio arts classes throughout the university. The Creative Work minor brings together dynamic courses from throughout the curriculum, allowing students to create a unique and compelling minor to accentuate their major area of study. To date, more than 100 students have enrolled in or graduated with the CCW minor.

Requirements for the Creative Work Minor - Apply Now

1. Complete 18 hours of courses approved for the Creative Work minor, including:

a. One foundation course: HON 3310.

b. 12 additional hours, six of which must be advanced, selected from the approved course list for the minor.

c. One 4000-level capstone course: HON 4310: Artists & Their Regions (formerly Writers and Their Regions), HON 4320: The City Dionysia, IART 4300: Collaboration Among the Arts, or another 4000-level course approved by the minor program director.

2. A minimum of 12 hours must be taken in residence.

3. A cumulative G.P.A. of 3.25 is required in courses completed for the minor.

4. Up to 6 credit hours of approved electives may be satisfied by internship with a local arts organization or by a senior honors thesis with approval of the minor program director.

Course Descriptions

Courses listed below are approved for the Creative Work minor.
Please check the current coursebook for the most up-to-date information.

AAS 3301: Hip Hop History and Culture

ANTH 4340: Anthropology Through Literature

ANTH 4344: Anthropology of Meaning, Myth and Interpretation

ARCH 3340: Greek and Roman Architecture and Art in the Context of Contemporary Work

ARCH 3350: Architecture. Art and Politics

ARTH 4311: Artists, Art-Making, and Patronage in Medieval Europe

ARTH 4375: Theories of Creativity

CHNS 3350: Chinese Culture Through Films

CLAS 3345: Myth and Performance in Greek Tragedy

CLAS 3371: Ancient Comedy and Its Influence

CLAS 3380: Epic Masculinity: Ideologies of Manhood in Ancient Epic and Modern Film

CLAS 3381: From Homer to Hollywood: Ancient Greek Themes in the Modern Cinema

COMM 2370: Introduction to Motion Pictures

COMM 4338: The Family in Popular Culture

COMM 4370: Social Aspects of Film

DAN 3311: Dance History II

ENGL 3306: Absence, Loss, Reunion and Return: Shakespearean Economics

ENGL 4373: Vision and Power: Film, Text and Politics

ENGL 4367: The Automobile in American Literature and Culture

ENGL 4371: Literature and Medicine

ENGL 3396: Literature and Alienation

FREN 3362 and GERM 3362: Paris and Berlin

GLBT 2360: Introduction to Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Studies

GERM 3364: Writing Holocausts

GERM 3386: Films of Fassbinder

HIST 3395H: Technology in Western Culture

HON 3397H: From Script to Stage: Screenwriting Workshop

IART 3300: Introduction to Interdisciplinary Art

IART 3395: Selected Topics in Interdisciplinary Arts

ITAL 3306: Italian Culture Through Films

ITAL 3336: Italian Literature in Translation

ITAL 4308: Dante and His World

MAS 3341: Mexican American Experience Through Film 

MUSI 2361: Music and Culture

MUSI 3301: Listening to World Music

MUSI 3303, Popular music of the Americas since 1840

PHIL 1361 Philosophy and the Arts

PHIL 3361: Philosophy of Art

POLS (Special Topics): Politics, Film, and Literature

RELS 2310: Bible and Western Culture I

THEA 2343: Introduction to Dramaturgy

THEA 3335: History of Theater I

WCL 2351: World Cultures Through Literature and the Arts

WCL 2352: World Cinema

WCL 3373: Gender and Sexuality in World Film

WCL 4351: Frames of Modernity

WCL 4367: Voices from Exile and Diaspora

WOST 2350: Introduction to Women's Studies