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Honors Biomedical Sciences

The Honors Biomedical Sciences (HBS) Program is a rigorous Bachelor of Science degree for highly qualified students pursuing a career in healthcare. Created in partnership with the University of Texas-McGovern and University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, it offers students a robust curriculum, with honors-level math and science classes along with the built-in Medicine & Society minor. Such coursework exposes HBS students not only to valuable research experience in the hard sciences, but also interdisciplinary work in the medical humanities that will encourage a deeper understanding of issues of health and disease from a variety of perspectives: social, historical, cultural, ethical, and more.

While housed in the College of Natural Science and Mathematics, HBS is the only major at the University of Houston in which students are also required to be members of the Honors College.

From the foundational Human Situation course sequence to Honors courses in Chemistry, Biology, Genetics, the Medicine & Society minor, and more, its curriculum is designed to produce skilled communicators and critical thinkers engaged with both immediate and larger issues of medicine and illness -- resulting in well-rounded, competitive health professions candidates. For more details on the HBS curriculum, please refer to the HBS Degree Plan.

For more information on Medicine & Society please click here


To major in HBS:

Admission to the University of Houston and The Honors College (Applications must be submitted by November 15th, 2017)

  •    High School GPA of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale
  •    Minimum ACT Score of 31 or a 1430 on the SAT
  •    Complete HBS Application
    • Online Application
    • Required Personal Statement – In 350 words or fewer, write a short essay in response to the prompt below.
      • In his book When Breath Becomes Air, neurosurgeon Paul Kalanithi wrote about his own fight against metastatic lung cancer. He discusses at length what it’s like to face his own death, as in the following passage.

        “Grand illnesses are supposed to be life-clarifying. Instead, I knew I was going to die—but I’d known that before. My state of knowledge was the same, but my ability to make lunch plans had been shot to hell. The way forward would seem obvious, if only I knew how many months or years I had left. Tell me three months, I’d spend time with family. Tell me one year, I’d write a book. Give me ten years, I’d get back to treating diseases. The truth that you live one day at a time didn’t help: What was I supposed to do with that day?”

        Write a short essay in which you identify and respond to what Kalanithi is telling us about illness, as well as what, if any, lesson this passage contains about wellness. (submitted via online application or
    • Two Letters of Recommendation - Two letters of recommendation must be submitted directly by the recommender, from a school or business email, to One letter of recommendation must be from a high school teacher with whom you have taken a recent class, or from a school administrator who knows you well.

3/4 Program

The 3/4 Program is a highly competitive, accelerated BS/MD program within the Honors Biomedical Sciences major. After applying, students enter a vigorous interview process where around 10 applicants per year are selected. These 10 students will spend 3 years at the University of Houston and then are automatically accepted to either the University of Texas Medical School or the University of Texas Medical Branch provided that they meet all the program requirements including a 3.8 cumulative GPA, 3.7 science GPA, and score above the 80th percentile on the MCAT.

Additional requirements to apply to the ¾ Program include:

  • Applicants must be a Texas Resident
  • Minimum ACT Score of 32 or a 1460 SAT score
  • Applicants must take at least 2 SAT Subject Test for science (preferably chemistry and biology) and 1 SAT Subject Test for math.


August 1st – Apply Texas and Common Application for the University of Houston open, and the application to the Honors College.

September 1st – Honors Biomedical Science Application Opens 

November 15th – Priority deadline for UH and the Honors College. HBS application closes at 5 p.m.

February 1st – Applicants will be notified of their HBS application status.

March 1st – Round 1 of ¾ Program Interviews with UTMB.

March 2nd – Round 2 of ¾ Program Interviews with UT McGovern.

April 27th – Scholars Invitational Orientation