Graduate Statement

Decisions regarding admission to graduate and professional studies at the University of Houston are made by the particular college and program to which the student has applied. Because graduate and professional studies are highly specialized, the criteria for admission to a particular program are developed by the faculty of these programs. The criteria for admission may vary widely from program to program. It is University Policy, however, consistent with State of Texas statutes, that no single criterion can be utilized as the sole determiner of admission status nor can fixed weights be applied to any one criterion during the admission process. Similarly, the criteria utilized for the award of competitive fellowships from the University of Houston are determined by the granting unit (e.g., department, college), but the process also must meet the University Policy (PDF). Although individual graduate and professional programs determine the criteria for admission, and granting units the awarding of competitive fellowships, the University of Houston requires that all applicants follow the Graduate Admission Process carefully.

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