#UHPhil Week Contest

To celebrate Philanthropy Awareness, we place Gift Bows around campus, highlighting some of the many ways that donor generosity has impacted your education.  You will even see hundreds of UH faculty and staff wearing UH Gives Back buttons, which identify those who believe in UH and have donated to support your education.

This year you can enter the contest for a chance to


1st Place Wins:  1st place trophy, have a suite and be honored at the March 4th UH vs. USF basketball game AND SLIME a professor at the #UHPhil Week Celebration.
2nd Place Wins:  2nd place trophy and be honored at the March 4th UH vs. USF basketball game.
3rd Place Wins:  3rd place trophy and be honored at the March 4th UH vs. USF basketball game.

*ALL TEAMS will be honored on court at the February 22nd UH vs. UCF basketball game.  Your team leader or other team member will represent you on the court!

How to enter?

  1. Register a team of at least 2 people here by February 13th. 
  2. Participate in different activities during #UHPhil Week to earn points.
  3. Be the team with the most points to win and SLIME A PROFESSOR at the #UHPhil Week Celebration Friday, February 28, 2014 at 12:30pm!!

How do you get points? Participate in any or all of the following events or get your friends to attend in support of your team:

Activities throughout the week:

  • GIFT BOWS:  5 POINTS PER PICTURE.  Take pictures with the Gift Bows and email them to alumsupport@uh.edu with #UHPhil and your team name in the subject line (example: #UHPhil – Red Team).

  • #UHPHIL BRACELETS:  3 POINTS PER BRACELET.  Sell silicone bracelets for $3 each – all proceeds go to Student Scholarships!  You can pick up bracelets at Karaoke Night, Monday, February 24, 2014.
  • THANK YOU BANNER:  UP TO 50 POINTS FOR THE WINNING BANNER. Make a Thank You banner.  The more creative the better.  No rules or restrictions, we just ask that it is in good taste to show alumni.  All entries will receive a minimum of 10 points.

***All entries are due Thursday, February 27, 2014 by 7:15 pm.  Banners and bracelet donations are due at the Talent Show at 7pm. ***

Activities that are held on specific days:

  • KARAOKE NIGHT:  1 POINT PER PERSON Every person who attends on behalf of your team earns you more points.  No singing is required, but we do encourage it.
  • THANK-A-DONOR:  1 POINT PER APPROVED CARD Every person who writes a thank-you card at the Thank-A-Donor table in support of your team earns you points.
  • RISING STARS MIXER:  5 POINTS PER PERSON Every person who attends in support of your team earns you points.  Did we mention you get FREE FOOD?!
  • TALENT SHOW:  UP TO 35 POINTS FOR THE WINNING TEAM Participate in the Talent Show by putting on a 1 – 3 minute dance or skit that incorporates the #UHPhil piggy bank.  All participating teams will receive a minimum of 20 points.  To sign up for a time, contact Karina Hernandez at karinaehernandez@gmail.com.