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Raising the Bar

Everyone knows tuition is rising, but not everyone knows that tuition covers less than half of the cost to educate a student.  And you may not be aware of the impact on students made by the decades-long decline in state funding.  Yikes! 

cap graphicEvery day, charitable gifts to UH are a vital part of a Cougar education.  Whether students receive direct financial support or not, all students benefit from alumni gifts in the classroom or lab, when they use library resources and technology on campus.   Not only does giving help to bridge the gap, but private support allows UH to go beyond the status quo of state support and tuition. 

There have been so many record-breaking accomplishments, with each step on the Tier One journey ensuring an outstanding student experience for more than 39,000 current Cougars.

  • The graduation rate is at an all-time high, logging a 10% increase in just one year - equal to the entire previous 10 years.
  • The launch of our 9-point student success plan, including expanded living-learning environments on campus.
  • A privately-raised fund of $14 million helped UH recruit its first class of TierOne Scholars, who came to campus with an average SAT of 1397.
  • Total research expenditures reached an all-time high of $99 million, with awards at $114 million as well. Increased research provides greater opportunities for graduate student success at UH as well as opportunities to share the research experience with our undergraduates - a definite advantage.

All of what we have achieved is underscored by the support of our loyal alumni and friends. The bottom line: Giving makes a difference on campus every day.

Did you Know?

  • Even when a student works hard, saves money and takes on loans, state funding plus tuition still only covers 64% of a UH education.
  • Last semester, more than 30% of graduating seniors participated in the Cougar Graduation Challenge, which gave them a head start in the tradition of giving back.