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Making an Impact

Alumni Participation

UH has recorded another all-time high during 2014-2015: more alumni than ever participated in giving.  We are proud to have more than 13% of our alumni as donors!  

Did you know alumni participation in giving is considered in university rankings, like those they publish in U.S. News and World Report?  Alumni giving is a proud tradition across the country, with other nationally competitive schools enjoying around 15%-18% of their alumni making an annual gift.  UH alumni who give back every year, in any amount, are counted among the university's most loyal and generous.

Did you Know?

  • Each of us has a role. For alumni, just participating in giving is important.
  • More than 750 faculty and staff (that's over 14%!) made a philanthropic gift in support of UH last year.
  • More than 43% of December 14 grads participated in giving at graduation.

Your Gift...

Sustains and supports people and programs. In these days of increased competition for scarce public funds, universities must increasingly rely on private gifts from alumni and friends to provide a margin of excellence.

Strengthens the value of your degree. Alumni giving is a criterion used in the national rankings of colleges and universities. Your gift publicly demonstrates your pride in the University of Houston and your investment in its future. As the university's recognition increases, so does the value of your degree.

Influences opinion-makers. The percentage of alumni who give to the University of Houston is also a factor when corporations and foundations award grants, when high school seniors and parents evaluate colleges and universities, and when other donors prepare to make their philanthropic decisions.

Small Gift, Big Change

$25 x 20 donors = A guest lecture from a visiting professor or a whole section of high density shelving in the library (having a fantastic research university collection requires a lot of space!).

$25 x 40 donors = A computer system for the Academic Research Center or other student study and technology spaces.

$25 x 100 donors = A stipend to outstanding students who work with others seeking assistance with challenging coursework during individual tutoring and small group learning sessions.

$25 x 250 donors = A full tuition scholarship for a smart, determined student who might not otherwise be able to attend the University of Houston.

Imagine what can happen through gifts of $100, $500 or $1,000...Please choose to be part of something amazing!

Make your gift online now. Contact the Office of Annual Giving at (713) 743-4708 if you have any questions.