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Student Philanthropy

If you look it up in the dictionary you might read something like, 'Philanthropy is the effort or inclination to increase the well-being of humankind, as by charitable aid or donations.' The University of Houston has been founded on the tradition of philanthropy.  This tradition is one of our oldest and proudest, and one that our alumni carry on loyally today.

Each student benefits from donations made by UH alumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends—whether you receive a scholarship, study at the library, attend athletic events, or even when you just show up to class. There are a lot of places, technology, and spaces that we use every day without considering how it has come about. Don't believe it? Check out these facts about philanthropy at UH.

When you enrolled at UH, you also joined a community of people committed to making a difference, which is why UH students choose to come together to help each other out (and the future of your someday-alma mater) through fun and easy philanthropic projects.  No one is asking students to give a lot of money.  But as with all things Coog, we take on our philanthropic efforts with pride.  So get involved!

Invest in your Houston Cougar experience by taking action:
•    Our Cougar Cents project is the newest of its kind.
•    Graduating?  Check out the Cougar Graduation Challenge!
•    Or help spread the word about how awesome our alumni are and about all they have given us: check out Philanthropy Awareness Day to find info about this fun, annual event.

Don’t forget: even when you become Cougar alumni, You Are The Pride!  A university degree is really just the beginning, of a life-long relationship.  And when you continue to invest in it, that degree becomes more valuable.  A university's reputation today speaks for its degree, whether it was earned last year or 10 years ago.  So join in the fun today!

Did you know?

  • Even when you work hard, save your money and apply for loans, state funding plus your tuition still only covers 64% of your education.
  • Each of us has a role. For alumni, just participating in giving is important.
  • Last semester, over 38% of graduating seniors participated in making a gift of their own through the Cougar Graduation Challenge and were awarded with a Cougar Spirit Cord to wear at graduation.
  • Nearly 750 faculty and staff made a philanthropic gift in support of UH last year!