College and University Development

College, unit-based, and university development professionals work in conjunction with development and executive leadership to cultivate, solicit, and reward donors of major gifts.

Cliff Redd
Associate Vice Chancellor/Vice President for University Development | 713-743-4749 

Olivia Thompson 
Executive Director of Constituent Development | 713-743-8026

University Development Programs

Principal Gifts

Wayne Smith
Associate Vice President for Principal Gifts | 713-743-8197

Beth Harrington
Sr. Director of Advancement | 713-743-8999

Gift Planning

The Office of Gift Planning helps you design and evaluate gifts to the University of Houston that provide financial security for you and your loved ones and simultaneously contributes lasting support to the university. 

Lisa Holdeman
Assistant Vice President for Gift Planning | 713-743-8408

Robert King
Director of Gift Planning | 713-743-8748

Corporate Relations

The Office of Corporate Relations provides a single touch-point for the business community and University of Houston (UH) faculty, staff, and students. By helping our corporate partners find the right avenue for recruiting, research, contracting, corporate training, and opportunities for corporate philanthropic investment, we hope to enable comprehensive interaction for the benefit of both the university community and the business community.

Mark Putnam
Executive Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations | 713-743-0954

Magda Herrera
Associate Director of Corporate Relations
mmherrer@Central.UH.EDU | 713-743-3719

Robin Seth
Assistant Director of Corporate Relations
rseth2@Central.UH.EDU  | 713-743-4611

Marc Laney
Development Officer of Corporate Relations | 713-743-7191

Foundation Relations

For private foundations, the Foundation Relations office builds connections to faculty and programs whose work provides opportunities to invest in the advancement of students, researchers, and our community in Houston and beyond.

Mark Putnam
Executive Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations | 713-743-0954

Christie Wallace Noring
Assistant Director of Foundation Relations | 713-743-8876

Stephanie King
Development Officer of Foundation Relations | 713-743-7122

Annual Giving / Fund for UH

Rachel Brown, Director of Annual Giving | 713-743-6627

Brian Armstrong, Associate Director of Annual Giving | 713-743-6623

Sandra Jacobson, Direct Marketing Manager
sljacob2@Central.UH.EDU | 713-743-8687

Theresa Crowley, Direct Marketing Manager 
mtcrowle@Central.UH.EDU |713-743-8158

Jonathan Brooks, Development Coordinator | 713-743-8853


Olivia Thompson
Executive Director of Constituent Development | 713-743-8026

Colleges & Programs

UH Athletics 
Katina Jackson, Assistant Athletics Director | 713-743-0837

Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture 
Joel T. Wyatt, Director of Development | 713-743-2584

Blaffer Art Museum
Tracy Smith, Development Officer |713-743-9116

C.T. Bauer College of Business
Maya Houston, Asst. Vice President of Advancement | 713-743-3655

John R. Ryan, Development Officer | 713-743-4470

Dwayne Busby, Development Officer | 713-743-8880

College of Education
Olivia Thompson
Executive Director of Constituent Development | 713-743-8026

Cullen College of Engineering 
Russell Dunlavy, Senior Director of Development | 713-743-4209

Josh Butler, Development Officer | 713-743-3237 

Janice Quiroz Perez, Development Officer |713-743-4215

Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management 
Jon Schultz, Director of Development | 713-743-2738

Miguel Cabrera, Development Officer |713-743-1523

Lisa Ballesteros, Development Officer | 713-743-2495

Dianca Chase, Development Coordinator | 713-743-1647

The Honors College 
Peter Hyland, Director of Advancement | 713-743-3220

UH Law Center 
Russ Gibbs, Sr., Director of Advancement / Assistant Dean |713-743-1454

Tom Troegel, Director of Development | 713-743-2207

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences 
Ellen Phillips, Senior Director of Advancement
ehphilli@Central.UH.EDU | 713-743-4016

Kim Howard, Development Officer | 713-743-9529 

Lolin Wang-Bennett, Director of Development | 713-743-8522

Lyndsey Ray, Development Officer | 713-743-2790 

UH Libraries
Todd Marrs, Director of Advancement | 713-743-9741

Moores School of Music 
Ellen Phillips, Director of Development | 713-743-4016

College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Janis Parsley, Director of Advancement | 713-743-8375

Jonas Chin, Development Officer 
jrchin@Central.UH.EDU | 713-743-1850

College of Optometry
Emily Smith, Director of Development | 713-743-2729

College of Pharmacy
Matthew Perkins, Director of Advancement | 713-743-6545

Graduate College of Social Work 
Connie Loyd, Director of Advancement | 713-743-3599

College of Technology 
Vernon King, Director of Advancement | 713-743-4886

Student Affairs

Edward Davis II, Director of Advancement |713-743-7391