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Congratulations on being admitted to the university of Houston. The graduate Indian student organization welcomes you and assures you that your transition and stay in Houston will be as smooth as possible. We are an organization by the students, for the students and of the students. Although GISO is a non profit organization, it is solely run by students like you. All the previous batches were never charged a registration fee as the resources present then, were enough to provide the incoming students with best possible service, which is not the case now. Every year the intake is increasing exponentially with the resources being limited. To make sure every new student is provided with a better service than before we have decided to charge a ONE TIME nominal amount of $10. We hope you understand us and support us in this venture. GISO is looking forward to meeting and you and serving you.

Please follow below steps for completing pickup or pickup/temporary accomodation form

1.Once you click on payment button, you will be directed to paypal website for payment

2. If the payment is successfull, you will be redirected to pickup form

3. Please fill the form carefully. Your pickup is guranteed

4. GISO pickup team will respond to you ASAP