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New Student FAQ

This FAQ has been compiled to help incoming Indian graduate students. No claims are made for its correctness or accuracy. The conditions encountered by any student and also the expenses, could greatly vary from student to student. This has been compiled keeping an average Indian graduate student in mind, and is therefore very specific to this breed of students and that too at UH only.
Q. I've got admission to UH. Should I go? How good is UH?

Q. I haven't got any assistantship as of now.

Q. What are the part-time job opportunities, assistantship possibilities etc?

Q. Do I need to arrive in Houston at least a month before school starts?

Q. Should I take the University Hostel or is it preferable to stay off-campus?

Q. If I don't take up the hostel accommodation , where will I stay when I land in Houston?

Q. Will there be anyone from the University to pick me from the airport?

Q. What do I have to bring with me?

Q. What will be my approximate monthly expenses?

Q. What are among the first few things that I must do upon arriving there?

Q. What all should I bring when I come to Houston?