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Just pause a moment to imagine what thoughts sweep across your mind when you first step aboard the aircraft in pursuit of your dreams to USA, leaving behind your precious family and friends. Numerous questions flash through your brain, that only time and patience can answer. What does the strange land have in store for me ? Strange land, strange tongue, strange people and strange customs - despite a shrinking world !

We want to display proudly our distinguished culture and values, live it and rejoice in the glory. In GISO, we will strive hard to uphold these values and extend our caring arms to embrace you all, with warmth and concern. In this endeavor, the GISO officers are only the torch bearers, while there is a whole contingent of members walking under this light. You are our spirit and our motivation. This organization has been founded for YOU and YOU ONLY. We ask for your co-operation and support to help us carry out these ideals and make this organization a success. Please register today at our website and show us your support.

Thank you.
Committee members,


Pick-Up :

Every semester GISO makes arrangements for the pick-up and temporary accomodation of hundreds of Indian students coming to study at University of Houston. GISO is proud to say that it has never missed a single pick-up in last 10 years and would continue to do so.

The GISO pick-up team was successful in providing pick-up and accomodation to 169 Indian Students in Fall 2014, 180 Indian students in Fall 2013, 120 Indian students in FALL 2012.