Costs & Financial Aid

The Graduation Pledge

The Graduation Pledge is designed to encourage first-time-in-college students to reach their graduation goals in four years. UH's Graduation Pledge Waiver will reward students for maintaining steady enrollment while remaining in good academic standing.

Earn up to $3,000 in grants! Entering freshmen who complete 30 hours towards their major at UH in good standing within one academic year will be eligible for $500 toward their next year's tuition and fees. By completing 60 hours at UH after two years, students will then be eligible for $1000 toward their next year's tuition and fees. Those who finish 90 hours at UH by the end of their third year will be eligible for $1500 toward their fourth year tuition and fees.

Courses taken in summer sessions at UH count towards the goal. Students who fail to successfully meet eligibility requirements in any academic year lose eligibility to participate thereafter. Please note that financial aid may be revised due to this waiver. To participate in this program, students must declare a major and meet with an advisor for their major to sign a pledge agreement before the end of their freshman year. For freshmen who began in academic year 2006-2007, the pledge deadline is May 11, 2007. Freshmen beginning in academic year 2007-2008 should sign a pledge agreement form as quickly as possible so that they can take advantage of such privileges as early registration, but no later than the deadline of May 9, 2008.

Information regarding the waiver is available from advisors.

$1,000 Undergraduate Tuition Rebate

The University of Houston offers $1,000 tuition rebates at graduation to eligible students who are Texas residents, who attempt no more than three semester hours in excess of the minimum number required for their degree, and who graduate within four calendar years for four-year degrees, and within five calendar years for five-year degrees such as the Bachelor of Architecture. View the forms and policy. Students must apply to their college advisor for the rebates prior to receiving their baccalaureate degrees in order to be eligible.

Determine eligibility here.