Questions about the financial aid process at UH? Check here for answers. If your question isn't addressed here, feel free to contact the Financial Aid Office.

Why do I have to make Satisfactory Academic Progress to receive financial aid?

Federal law requires that schools administering federal aid set a minimum academic performance standard in order to continue to receive financial aid. A school must monitor a student’s qualitative (GPA) and quantitative (course completion) performance. The federal standards require a 2.0 cumulative GPA, 75% cumulative completion ratio, and total hours to not exceed 150% of the required program.

If I am not making academic progress and am denied my aid, may I still receive my loans?
No, Satisfactory Academic Progress is calculated for ALL federal programs administered by the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid at the University of Houston.

What will cause my appeal to be rejected or denied?
If your appeal is not completed, properly signed, and if no corroborating documents are included, your appeal is considered incomplete. Students who miss the deadline or fail to turn in additional requested documents in a timely fashion will be denied. We encourage students to put in effort towards answering the essay questions, as this is a reflection of your commitment towards improving academic performance.

What do quantitative and qualitative measurements mean?
Quantitative measurements refer to your cumulative GPA.

Qualitative measurements monitor:

  1. Ratio of courses completed. The # of courses you completed versus the # of courses you attempted.
  2. Total attempted hours. The total number of courses you enrolled in to receive your degree.

Will my transfer credit count toward the quantitative measure of my academic performance?
Yes, the law requires that we consider ALL course work accepted by the University in our calculations of the ratio of courses completed and cumulative hours. However, transfer credits will not help improve your cumulative GPA at UH.

Is there a deadline to submit a SAP appeal?
We strongly encourage you to submit your SAP Appeal by the priority deadline appeal submission date, which will be notated on the appeal form itself. The final deadline to submit an appeal for the Fall 2014 semester is September 10, 2014, and for the Spring 2015 semester, February 4, 2015. Appeals submitted after the final deadlines will not be accepted and/or denied.

If I am not meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress, will I be dropped by the fee payment deadline due to non-payment?
Appeals not received by the priority deadline appeal submission date are subject to being dropped due to non-payment and no selection of a payment or deferment plan.

When will my financial aid funds be released?
Disbursement of loans begins on the first day of classes if no eligibility requirements are pending completion or review. Remember that loans require at least 6 credit hours of enrollment.

Grants will disburse the day after the Official Reporting Day. Remember that certain grants require minimum enrollment (i.e., 9 credit semester hours for TX Grant).

When will my appeal be reviewed?
We strongly encourage that you submit your completed SAP Appeal as soon as possible so that the committee may have ample time to review the applications. Appeals will be reviewed within eight weeks of receipt of the appeal.

Where do I submit my Appeal Form?
Appeals can be emailed to SAP@uh.edu, faxed to our office at (713) 743-9098 or dropped off to our SFA counter in the Welcome Center. We encourage you to visit with an advisor to have your initial appeal reviewed for completion.

How many times can I submit an appeal?
You are only allowed to appeal once during your academic career until you are able to meet SAP again. Students who appeal, but fail to meet cumulative academic standards after the probation semester will lose their ability to appeal again and must pay for courses out of pocket. You may be selected to turn in a SAP plan if we have deemed that it may take you more than one semester to cumulatively improve your academic performance. Once you meet cumulative standards, your SAP status becomes whole and any future infractions of the SAP requirements may allow for additional appeal submissions.