Contest Rules & Guidelines




Contest Rules & Guidelines

Please be advised once media content is submitted into the contest, it becomes property of the University of Houston. UH Marketing & Communication will only be uploading the most engaging media content online so please send us your best stuff! Contest entries with questionable content may be rejected, meaning any content that violates University of Houston media policies will be deemed ineligible. This includes but not limits to the following:

  • Media content that displays pornography, graphic or sexually explicit content
  • Media content that depicts violence, animal abuse, drug abuse, alcohol and smoking
  • Media content that violates current University and/or U.S. copyright policies

Acceptable Formats & Hard Copies


Video Format

  • UH Marketing & Communication will be uploading all acceptable media content to UH's YouTube account
  • Be advised UH Marketing & Communication aims to showcase only the best videos online
  • Here's a link that provides a basic summary of the audio and video specifications you need for the best results on YouTube


Image or Photo Format

  • The best image format is JPEG
  • Make sure you upload your files in RGB format. CMYK images will not display in most browsers.
  • All submitted images must be at least 320 x 240


Hard Copies

  • External Hard Drive
  • Memory Stick
  • Data Cd
  • E-mail (if file is small enough)

Contest Deadlines

Winners wll be announced at the end of each semester. For any questions or concerns contact UH Marketing & Communication at 713-743-8175.

Visit here for contest prizes

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