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Pride Moment Captured

This was my pride moment: After five years of unforeseen challenges, countless all-nighters in the library and 99 cent Wendy's cheeseburgers, I graduated from the University of Houston. It was a proud moment for my family and me. After the ceremony, I met up with a few of my fellow graduates outside the E. Cullen building to start a new UH tradition.  One by one, we each rubbed the paws of the Cougar statues and then later took a picture together on the E. Cullen steps to commemorate the special day for all of us. Go Coogs!

Gus Forward · · (B.A. Corporate Communications '09), UH Marketing & Communication Marketing Coordinator · 713.743.8175

UH Pride Flies High

No matter who. No matter what. No matter where. No matter how. No matter when. No matter why. As a cougar, we are the pride. We. Fly. High. Go Coogs.

Jonathan Ari Cohen-Kurzrock, Freshman

UH In Progress

The University has a lot to offer: a world-class education, an esteemed group of faculty, one of the most diverse student bodies in the world, and a "home away from home". The university's image is one of the most important assets it has to showcase its greatness to attract future Cougars, now that we're Tier One. With the surrounding neighborhoods and the campus-wide construction efforts, it can be hard to see the beauty of the University. I'm proud to call the University of Houston my university and my second home. The Ezekiel W. Cullen Building has is one of the oldest and most iconic to the image of the university and I wanted to capture a different angle of the building to show an alternate perspective of how beautiful the university can be. This picture was taken from the M.D. Anderson Library balcony. GO COOGS! 

Gregory Brusola, Senior


We are in the Spirit of Houston Marching Band as well as in Cougar Brass. Cougar Brass, is the band that goes out and supports the basketball team and plays at all the home games. We are there win or lose. I can honestly say we are some of the biggest fans of UH Athletics. This is us representing the University of Houston in El Paso. This photo was taken after the UH Women's Basketball Team defeated UTEP on their home court in front of hundreds of fans. It was a tough game and the ladies kept their composure to win the game in the final seconds. We are Houston. We are the Pride. 

Laura Rodriguez, Junior

Harvard, Really?

College shouldn't be about the name of your school. It's about how great your school is. This is why no other school compares to the University of Houston, not even Harvard.

Blythe Alexandra Nguyen, Freshman

My Pride

My photo symbolizes my pride because the University of Houston represent an important part in my life. UH gave me the possibility to pursue my career and as a proud student I will always show my pride for the university in every special moment of my life like in the picture shows. My daughter was born 2 weeks ago and she was the only little cougar at the nursery. GO COOGS!!

Mercedes Grande, Senior

Love UH Arts

This photo was taken at the ISA (Indian Student Association) dance-off competition on April 2nd, 2011. ISA student dance group from different Universities came over to Cullen Performance Hall to compete their Indian choreography. just so happened that a student raised up her cougar sign and cheer loudly when the dance group from UH is about to start their performance. I was fortunate enough to capture her cougar sign with the colorful background of UH Indian dance group. 

Ann-Nan (Allen) Lo, Senior

Special UH Guest

Joel Rivera and I had the opportunity Disney Pixar animator Sanjay Patel at the Museum of Fine Arts. We talk to him about the University and took a picture with him doing the coog sign.

Viral Bhakta, Senior

UH Gymnast

A retired gymnast takes pride in pursuing the U of H Cougar experience!

Christopher Lee Graham, Junior

UH Bulletin Board

Promoting College Pride is what I do at North Shore Middle SchooI. Teaching 7th and 8th grade students is definitely a challenge, but an even greater challenge is getting them to begin thinking of their plans for high school and then college. To help promote an interest in college, I created a UH Pride bulletin board in my classroom symbolizing my pride in the University of Houston. Through this display, I also instill UH pride in my students. 

Aida F. Silva, Alumna

Kiss UH

Depicted in the photo are two University of Houston alumni, one current student, and one future student. It represents the different academic generations coming together in pride of Cougar Football and the University of Houston as a whole. 

Nathan Yalcin, Senior

Coogs in Training

What does it mean to be a Coog? These young aspiring Coogs know. Touring the campus, talking with current Coogs, and learning about what the University of Houston will have to offer them someday, only increase their awe of the college they hope to attend when they grow up. So, what does it mean to be a Coog? Look at their faces—it’s written all over them.

Nicole Tolch, Junior

Campus Mascot

The frolicking squirrels at the University of Houston are a great part of my first year here. It is always entertaining to see them chase each other around. They are so cute and make bad days a little bit better. It feels like they contribute to the diverse population at the university.

Nikita Bhavsar, Freshman

Keenum for Heisman

One of the surprising thing's that I've noticed about UH football fans is their inexplicably creative ways of gaining attention. While other UH stunts have probably gained more attention then this one (UH teletubby and the red spandex men) this is the first event I've experienced where people show their PRIDE and how they helped me discover mine.

Jairo Razo, Sophmore

Kevin Sumlin “Big Head

Coach Kevin Sumlin is the PRIDE of the University of Houston. Of the years he has been at UH, he has led the Cougar football team to a C-USA title and a couple of bowl appearances. Sometimes wins and losses don't define a team's season. UH football encountered several obstacles this season, which were met head on by Coach Sumlin and the team. They kept fighting and that's why I am proud to be a COOG! 

Araz Sarkissian, Senior


The University of Houston MSA went to Dallas to participate in a scholastic bowl tournament. We had pride. We had game. We were there and ready! We destroyed the other universities (UT, A&M, SMU, UTD, etc). We came back with many trophies and won 3rd place overall! Whoose House? Coogs House! Eat 'em up! Eat 'em up! GO COOGS GO!

Anum Jakvani, Senior


Honey is surrounded by Cougar Pride all the time at home and away. She is the sister of UH grad student and Cross Country Captain Erica Hannemann. We like to think of Honey as the unofficial mascot of The Cougar CC Team as she travels with family to meets when she can where she socializes with the team and shows support for the team. Go Coogs.

Dianne Hannemann, Alumna


You will have a hard time finding a more spirited student than one in the “Spirit of Houston” Cougar Marching band. Endless practices in the summer heat, tons of music to memorize, weekends sacrificed, and lugging of equipment are just a few of the things band students are expected to do for 1 credit hour. There are a few however that have to sacrifice that and more. The drum majors have to do most of what is mentioned above, plus teach drills, rehearse the band and be the first ones there/last ones out for the same 1 hour credit. In this picture Adriana Vargas (Current drum major and ex Music Library student assistant) is keeping track of the game while trying to keep all 300 plus members of the band controlled. When on the podium she has to make sure the band plays when the game is not on so the crowd can be energized and ready to cheer.

Gustavo Paredes, Alum/Staff


Our daughter had no chance! Her parents are both UH Alumni. We met at UH bookstore early in their college years and seven years later got married. Our daughter has now been 'indoctrinated' in all the Cougar traditions, down to the ROAR after "That's another Cougar - FIRST DOWN!" Her favorite melody is "The Horse" and favorite chant is "C-O-U-G-A-R-S!"

Russell Crake III, Alum

Family Tradition

My wife and I met my Freshman year (2000) at UH. Seven years later, we got married. This picture is from the 2008 football game versus Tulane (11/08/08). My wife is 6 months pregnant. Our baby was very large. My wife still made her way up the stands, pickle in hand and COUGAR INSIDE!

Russell Crake III, Alum

UH Band Player

Being in the marching band has given me all the pride I once lacked. I now love my university, my college, and my fellow cougars! I enjoy waking up in the morning knowing I will be at UH the entire day. GO COOGS!

Rafael Gonzalez, Sophmore

UH Man

My sister has been going to UH since 2005 and is currently in pharmacy school. I have been going to athletics events since then. However, I never saw UH as one of my choices for college. After years of trying, my sister finally persuaded me during my senior year to go to UH. Now I'm a freshman who has dove into the pride, from being there early for tailgating to staying the whole game, regardless of the outcome. My sister often tells me how proud she is of me for choosing UH, but she is even more proud of my avid support for everything UH. Now my sister and I show our UH pride as often as we can and are proud to go to UH. GO COOGS!!!! p>

Mark Lazenby, Freshman


At the University of Houston, we COOGS not only have PRIDE in our school but also for the men and women who are serving or served in the United States armed forces. These individuals put their lives on the line everyday to preserve and protect our freedom. We sincerely appreciate all that they have done for our country. Go Coogs!

Long Thai, Senior

The Paw

The Cougars were projected to have a great football season: Keenum for the Heisman, an improved defense, a no loss streak, and overall, a golden season. All that changed when we lost our potentially greatest player, and then his back-up man, all within the same game. The rest of the season seemed questionable as to how our team would continue, and hope rose when we continued to pull ahead. The first picture, taken of my close friend, was captured as we lost to Mississippi State. This symbolizes my UH Pride in that win or lose, we are united as one. Cougars, "we'll always adore thee...true we'll ever be!" My second submission, in concordance with the first, was taken right after the Cougars beat SMU. After just having lost to Rice, and having to wait for weather to clear, the game threatened to dishearten our entire season even further. Finally, the Cougars took the field. Literally. As it was SMU's homecoming, the win was even sweeter as we swept them, winning by 25 points. This picture, taken in front of SMU's own fountains, symbolizes my UH Pride for my Cougars, wherever I go. As the Cougar shadow falls on the scenery of our rival, may the Cougar shadow fall on all those who approach it, and may they know that we are a force to be reckoned with. Go Coogs! Go Coogs.

Jessica Eileen Willis, Sophmore

Coog Happens

Coog does happen, Go Coogs!! lnll.

Joel Rivera, Alum

UH Cares

This picture symbolizes my pride for UH because it shows how much our President cares about the students. This picture was taken during the Halloween game when President Khator came down from her box to greet students and fans on the stands. She saw my daughter Isabel (both her mom and I were in the marching band several years ago) and just wanted to pick her up and hold her. I can’t imagine another president doing what she did.

Gustavo Paredes, M.D. Anderson

..and Those Cougars Wore Yellow on Their Wrists.

The photo is called "...and Those Cougars Wore Yellow on Their Wrists." The picture was taken after the UH victory over Texas Tech when Cougars rushed the stadium while adrenaline rushed our veins! For one night, the Cougar growl was mightier and louder than ever as it was heard all around the nation and all the world finally became aware of the majesty that comes with being a Cougar. On this night, our Cougar Pride lit up the stadium brighter than the stadium lights ever could. So we threw up our cougar paws with the yellow wristband, which we waited in line countless hours for, like a banner into the sky to say that we are and always will be COUGARS!

Bianca Renae Perez · · Media Production/Creative Writing · Sophomore


Throughout my college career at UH, I had plenty of proud moments but one I will never forget is the night we became Conference Champions in 2006. It was so cold that night and I remember I had a final the next day, but it did not matter. My friends and I planned to be there the entire time for our team. At the end of the game we rushed the field and it was an amazing feeling. As a student I could not feel more proud to be a Cougar. GO COOGS!

Cynthia Silva · · BBA in Accounting · Year graduated: 2008

One Last Time

This photo means a lot to me because it signifies the end of my college career. The day I graduated I started to remember all those things I used to do on a daily basis as a student. I remember reading at the E. Cullen fountains between classes, drinking coffee at Bauer and eating lunch at the UC with my friends; I even remembered when I used to feed the squirrels on my way to class. And as I walked around campus in my cap and gown taking pictures of all these places that meant so much to me those last five years, it started hit me - this was the last day I could do this (walking around campus) as a student. And so on the day of my graduation, I fed a squirrel one last time and said Good Bye to the school that gave me so much and meant so much to me in my life. Good Bye UH!

Cynthia Silva, Alum '08, Bauer


The title of my photo would be "Go Cougars." It was the first game I went to. The game was against Texas Tech; we camped outside of the stadium around 3 in the morning just to get a yellow bracelet and a t-shirt. I was never really involved with things around campus till one of my professors (Dr. Bott) told us to go and said it'll be worth the experience. The photo shows my friends hand displaying the Cougar sign; it was right after we scored the winning touchdown by Case Keenum: there was 49 seconds left, the score was 29-28 we were up by one point. It might be out of focus, but I will never forget that moment; it was that moment that I realized the Cougar pride in me, I was proud to be a Cougar.

Wei-Chi Chien, Sophomore, Geophysics/Geology


This picture illustrates the likeness between the present and the future. The old slogan of the university referred to 'Leading.' In this picture, we see children lined up to great football players. The children symbolize the future, and our football team is an excellent gateway to young children in Houston. WE must make this city love our University, and this picture shows that we are winning people over.

Zuhair Siddiqui,Senior, Political Science

Just Another Day at the Office

“You just never know who is going to show up in the office!”

Cindy Avery

Whole Family

“Football Saturday Reunion!”

Cindy Avery

My Pride and Joy

As a "Spirit of Houston" volunteer, I have photographed almost every home game and full band rehearsals. I enjoy volunteering, which includes the Band, Cheerleaders, Cougar Dolls, Color Guard and Twirlers. The name suits this diverse group perfectly. I do get paid;  compensated by students' smiles and the notes I receive from parents who cannot attend events and want to see what their son or daughter is doing while away at college. My daughter graduated from UH two years ago. She teaches band in the Klein School District. I know she misses being in the Cougar Band. I sometimes catch her fingering the notes when she hears the Fight song played at the games. As for me, I will continue to be "The Spirit Of Houston's" Paparazzi for as long as Mr. Bertman and students let me. The only thing better that being a volunteer for the "The Spirit Of Houston" is being a Band Director's parent. I am blessed. This is a picture of Jennifer, the reason I volunteered.

Chris Pine

Coog Cub

She isn't a cougar yet, but give her about ten years and my little cousin will be! With her Cougar gear and Sasha for a best friend, this girl is all set to enroll in UH classes tomorrow. However, the picture proves you're that there is no age requirement to be a Cougar or be the pride of UH! Good Bye UH!

Bianca R. Perez, Sophmore, Media Production/Creative Writing

A Pack of Cougars

The picture captures a group of UH Cougars thrilled and bursting with pride shortly after a UH victory over Texas Tech! It perfectly exemplifies how powerful UH pride can unite people from all walks of life. And in the end, we are all simply Cougars no matter what!

Bianca R. Perez, Sophmore, Media Production/Creative Writing

Go Coogs!

This picture is of myself at Robertson Stadium cheering my coogs on to victory against Texas Tech. That night was a record breaker for attendance. However, the photo captures how every voice that night, and every night for that matter, counts. It embodies how the voice of every Cougar contributes the community that is the University of Houston. Thus, the UH does not make the students, but the students make UH! WE ARE THE PRIDE! Go Coogs (all of them)!!!!!

Bianca R. Perez, Sophmore, Media Production/Creative Writing

Cougar Couple

This photo capture the essence of Cougar Pride! Smiles, spirit, and support of the amazingness that is our UH cougar football team is what Cougar Pride is all about! That is exactly what the couple, Rehal and Sarah Bhojani, are doing!

Bianca R. Perez, Sophmore, Media Production/Creative Writing

Keep an Eye on the Pride

The picture is of me at a UH football game drenched in pride and love for my Cougars! For a couple of hours, people forget about papers, and tests, and quizzes, and just indulge in the love our wonderful University. I'm no exception to that phenomenon.

Bianca R. Perez, Sophmore, Media Production/Creative Writing

The Cougar and the Cutie

Here's a picture of two of the prettiest girls I know: Sasha and Amy! Both look ridiculously cute sporting their UH football jerseys and big smiles! After our UH cougars annihilate other teams, what else is there to do but smile?

Bianca R. Perez, Sophmore, Media Production/Creative Writing

Where the Heart Is

Peace, revelation, and redemption. I found these and more in the chapel of the University of Houston’s Religious Building. Whether I sat alone or shared a pew with a friend or two, I never left in the same condition in which I had entered. I always found parts of me I did not know existed, and bettered those I was already aware of. My most important discovery was a place where friends became family. It was a place to belong. If home is where the heart is, then the Religious Building could surely be called home.

Mary Beth Prater, Senior, Theatre Design

Private Getaway

The bench overlooking the Cullen Fountains has served as my own private getaway for the past four years. The fountains’ flow provided a tranquil background for many hours of studying and recreational reading. It encouraged me to take time out to reflect on my past, contemplate my future, and relax in the moment. This miniature Utopia even inspired some of the sweetest prose pieces written for my personal collection.

Mary Beth Prater, Ssenior, Theatre Design

No Place Like Home

These steps lead to the home of Stanley and Stella Kowalski, the setting for my favorite play—A Streetcar Named Desire. This was the trashiest, most fun set I had the privilege to build at the University of Houston. It captured the play’s dynamic tension, the animalistic instincts of its inhabitants, and my heart. The stairs bring back memories of working in the UH Scene Shop, where I learned to use power tools and bring such masterpieces to life. Dressed in blue jeans bathed in sawdust and grease, with a drill in hand, this is where I felt most at home.

Mary Beth Prater, Ssenior, Theatre Design

Night of Glamour

I, along with my best girlfriends from Chi Alpha (a Christian organization for college students), decided that—after a long semester of endless reading, writing, and struggling to survive—we deserved a break. We hosted a Night of Glamour, in which we all slipped into something comfortable. By something comfortable I mean evening wear that made us feel fabulous. We traded soda cans for wine glasses, plastic sporks for silverware, and to-go cartons for fine china. For one night we ditched our professional, collegiate attitudes so that our inner beauty queens could come out and play. It was our night to shine. It was a night to remember.

Catlin Deans, Sr., Creative Design

Young Pride. GO COOGS!!!

I took this picture at the Homecoming Tailgate of the UH vs SMU game. At that day, never before had we been so excited and our support obviously helped the Cougars win the big game. In this picture our two little UH kids with their pride of UH. I think their happiness and pride also helped our Cougars win the game.

Nghia Phan, Master of Architecture, Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture

M.D. Anderson Library at night

M. D. Anderson Library is one of the oldest buildings of University of Houston. I and many students come there to study and go home in the evening. The special thing is the beauty of the light going out from the ionic symbol. It is really amazing and I think it obviously helps the University of Houston be more beautiful. It is our pride.

Nghia Phan, Master of Architecture, College of Architecture

Shady Homecoming Cougars

United by our pride and passion for University of Houston Cougar football, our last Homecoming (2009) with the Bleacher Creatures was the rewarding culmination of our scholastic work.

Kaleb Fulgham, Sr., Computer Science

Over 100 Years of Cougar Pride

Jeanetta, Gwen, Janice, Sharon, and Barbara, all of us together = over 100 years of service, and Cougar Pride. We’ve assisted many students, staff and faculty. We are so proud to be staff members of The University Of Houston. Go Coogs!!

Janice Watkins, Registration and Academic Records

Greetings from the University of Houston

What does the University of Houston mean to me?...UH equals "Ruben in Wonderland" "The University of Houston is truly an exceptionally wonderful place. For me, it is a new chapter in life that is entitled: Ruben in Wonderland. There were times when my world seemed to be all craziness. But now, I no longer feel like the mad-hatter in life's story. I, however, do indeed feel like Alice who was discovering and expanding her horizons in a magical place at an exponential pace. I definitely feel like a kid again, where I have escaped the sense of human limitation based on the boundaries of past disappointments, doubts, disbelief, or self- defeat and hardship. I feel very triumphant and I believe that the stage is set to reach heights far beyond the stars and quite possibly outside of the universe beyond the milky way. I have met some truly wonderful people since arriving here and have had very enriching experiences. It is these inspiring moments that I have experienced on occasions, while here on the UH campus, that is like taking a small bite of heaven. It is delicious and it feeds my soul,"

Ruben Paul "Ben" Slater III, Grad Student, Mass Communications

A Perfect Way to Start an Amazing Season

This photo symbolizes my pride of my school because not only are we located at the amazing Robertson Stadium, but my friends and I are dressed in red and showing our school spirit! This photo also shows the bond between students as the upper classmen introduce the freshmen to their first University of Houston football game, including the exciting moments in the stadium before kick-off.

Megahn Mengler, Jr., EC-6 Interdisciplinary Studies

Welcoming the Freshman Baptist Student Ministry (BSM) how to cheer and be a COOG!

Spirit of a Cougar can be shown at a game! There we see nothing but red and complete domination from our outstanding football team! Whether you are a junior or an incoming freshman, love for our University needs to be shown every where and what better place to show it then our football games.

Brock Matthew Ellison, Sr., Public Relations


This photo symbolizes my pride showcasing the beautiful UH campus on a school day. Does not get better than this...

Mahmoud Harb, UH Student


Cougar PRIDE is on high alert in this photo, even the videographer in the photo knows it! To me - this is the heart and soul of UH. We Are The Pride.

Catherine Brda, UH Student, Freshman

Loud and Proud!

Victory celebration after defeating our division rivals. Guess which team?

Corey Baum, Sr. Bauer, UH Ambassador

We Are the Pride

My PRIDE is the friends I got to make while a student at UH. Every year Campus Activities has a leadership retreat where all the student leaders get together to learn how to be more effective leaders in their student organizations. This is where I met some of my best friends. We took a picture together at the retreat, which for me, symbolizes my cougar experience. We Are the Pride!

Chris Smink, UH Alum '08, Communications

I'm the Pride

I'm Dondria Shaniece and I am the PRIDE. UH gave me everything: experiences, empowerment, direction, and now, my future. I am a product of what being the PRIDE is all about. Thanks UH.

Dondria Shaniece, UH Alum '09, Communications

How I Spend my Saturdays

This is how I spend my Saturdays during the fall semester (that's me in white face paint). There's nowhere I would want to be than cheering on the Cougars with my friends at the game. Go Coogs!

Emerson Vance, UH Alum '08, Engineering


The PRIDE of UH is in the stands at every game cheering our Cougars on. Go Coogs!

Judah Johns, Sr., Political Science


My pride is all the amazing experiences I had with my friends at UH. Here is one of our more artistic pics displaying Cougar spirit.

Bethany Johns, Jr., Moores