Engines of Our Ingenuity

An Engines episode underlies each of the ships pictured below.
To read the episode, click on the image or on the link below it.

SS United States
The SS United States. For its story, see Episode 421.

Liberty Ship
A WW-II Liberty Ship. For its story, see Episode 1525.

Early Spanish Submarine
A Spanish Submarine built in 1864. To learn about the Confederate submarine built the same years, see Episode 381. For more about early submarines in general, click on the image above.

An early transatlantic steamer
An early transatlantic steamboat. To learn about the first steam-powered Atlantic steamboats, see Episode 1338.

The Confederacy
An early American-built frigate (1778). To learn how American frigate-building progressed after this, see Episode 1267.

The 104-gun HMS Victory, 1765, Lord Nelson's Flagship.

Jim Manzolillo
James Manzalillo in the Houston Maritime Museum. For more on the Museum, click on the image, or go to the Museum' website at http://www.houstonmaritimemuseum.org.

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