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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get approval and register for TExES exams?

See How to register for the TExES

  • Am I allowed to take additional TExES exams while enrolled in the UH Teacher Education program?

No, UH does not give permission to register for additional exams. Students may apply for additional exams after they have been recommended by UH for their initial certification area and have been considered certified by TEA. After which a student may register for additional exams by “exam only” without approval from UH.

  • Do I have to send my TExES score reports to UH?

No, UH does not need copies of your official state scores.

  • What does PBT mean and CAT when I’m registering for my TExES exams?

PBT means Paper-Based Test administration CAT means Computer Administration Test

  • When can I apply for certification?

Students should apply for certification while in their last semester of coursework AND after passing all state exams.

  • How do I become ESL certified?

You may register for ESL TExES after you have been recommended certified. You may register for the exam by “exam only” without approval from UH. After successful completion you will apply to the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to add the certificate to your credentials.