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Critical Needs TExES Exams

Effective 11/13/17
2nd- 4th attempt New Testing Policy for Other Enrolled (Officially enrolled in ST1/ST2 this fall)
& Finisher Candidates (December 2017 graduates & May 2018 graduates)
(AY1718 Pass Rate Calculation) for Critical Needs TExES Exams below:
*190 BTLPT (Speaking & Writing sections)
*291 Core Subjects (803 Science & 804 Social Studies)
*233 7-12 History
*613 LOTE-Spanish
*118 4-8 Social Studies
*232 7-12 Social Studies

The Rationale for New Policy:

19 TAC §229.4 Determination of Accreditation Status-Certification Exams

Beginning with the 2017-2018 academic year TEA will consider ALL tests required for certification and approved by the EPP (Teaching & Learning Program) taken by candidates formally admitted on or after December 27, 2016. Therefore, the Teaching & Learning Department is implementing a new 2nd-4th attempt Test approval Policy for*Critical Needs TExES Exams (see list above).

Students must complete an online TExES Registration Form for their initial, and additional attempts. Since U of H Main COE does not subscribe to any test prep vendors, we will let students choose. However, we highly recommend Certify Teacher (Dr. Coleman has Promo Codes), passing the TExES exam(s) with a 240 scale score or higher, or 240 (Dr. Thompson is piloting this program).

As of 11/13/17 for us to approve your 2nd-4th attempt for one of the *critical needs tests listed above, we now require that you undertake some focused study which should include a minimum of six clock hours with a certificate of completion.

Please refer to the list of resources below:

  • The ETS website provides a practice test for PPR. Take that practice test and provide us with a PDF of your score report. The Score Report must show your name, the test, and an 80% or higher pass rate.
  • The ETS website provides Preparation Manuals and Study PlannersDownload the study guide, work through that guide and document your areas of focused study on the guide’s Study Plan Sheet (located at the back of the Preparation Manual packet). You can use their bibliography to seek out additional study materials as needed—document those in your Study Plan Sheet. Write your name, TEA ID, PeopleSoft ID#, DOB, and date at the top and save as a PDF.
  • External publishers provide study materials and on-line diagnostic tests. We recommend using Certify Teacher, 240 Tutoring, or Pass the TExES with a 240 scale score or higher, but you can choose from any resource that suits your budget and learning style. Complete the practice exam (aka diagnostic exam) and any study guides, then save your score report or certificate of completion as a PDF. The PDF must show your name and an 80% or higher pass rate.

All pieces of study (evidence), and accompanying documentation must be completed and attached as a PDF files in ONE email to kcfreema@Central.UH.EDU before our office will review your request for 2nd-4th test approval for the Critical TExES Exams aforementioned.

If you take pictures or screen shots with your phone, you may use Genius Scan to convert them to PDF files before sending to Dr. Coleman.