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Alumni Faculty Service Award

College of Education Alumni Association - Faculty Service Award

The purpose of the College of Education Alumni Faculty Service Award is to recognize individual faculty who have rendered outstanding service to the:

  • College of Education
  • University of Houston
  • External profession
  • Students of the College of Education

The award will be presented once a year by a College of Education Alumni Board member at the College of Education Star Awards event.

Selection Criteria

  1. Provides leadership on department/college/University committees
  2. Provides substantial time to department and/or college above and beyond that required for teaching and research
  3. Participates regularly in departmental administrative activities such as:
    • student research
    • student advisement
    • class scheduling activities, and
    • monitoring of comprehensive exams
  4. Provides demonstrated service in local, state and national professional organizations
  5. Demonstrates strong teaching performance
  6. Ten years of sustained service

Nomination and Selection Process

Each department chair is asked to nominate at least one faculty member, but no more than two, for the award. Individuals are also encouraged to nominate themselves.  After review, the Selection Committee will recommend at least two names for the final consideration of the dean and the president of the Alumni Board, who will select the award recipient. At that time, additional information including vita, teaching evaluations and department chair recommendations may be requested.


  • Call for nominations – deadline coming soon.
  • Deadline for letter submission – deadline coming soon.
  • Committee submission of at least two names to the dean and the president of the Alumni Board for final selection - No later than October 2 for review by Alumni Board.

Composition of the Selection Committee

  • Committee Chair of Awards/Scholarships
  • Current President of the COE Alumni Board
  • Immediate Past President of COE Alumni Board
  • Previous year's Service Award recipient
  • COE Business Manager, ex officio and facilitator