Welcome to the Dean of Students Office

While pursuing your educational goals at the University of Houston, you will be faced with many challenges. Sometimes these challenges may seem insurmountable. In approaching these challenges, you should be aware that there many people and services at the University that are dedicated to helping you through these situations and whose purpose is to enhance your ability to succeed.

Student Assistance

A good way to find these helpful individuals and services is through the Dean of Students, Student Advocacy and Support Services. If you need assistance or information regarding University services or programs you are invited to stop by the Dean of Students Office to meet with the dean on call who will direct you to the appropriate source of assistance. Dean of Students office personnel are helpful in answering simple questions as well as helping you untangle more complicated issues. The resources needed to overcome your challenge are probably available somewhere in the University, but you must ask before assistance can be offered - so don't hesitate to ask!


In addition to providing general student assistance through the Student Advocacy and Support Services, the Dean of Students Office also publishes the UH Student Handbook, which includes an abundance of helpful information concerning University services and policies.

Student Behavior

The office helps maintain a civil and orderly academic environment on campus by administering the UH Student Code of Conduct. In addition, the Dean of Students coordinates the activities of the Conduct Assessment and Response Team (CART) which is an interdisciplinary group of University representatives who assess, monitor, and respond to students who exhibit threatening, disruptive, and/or concerning behaviors.

Parent Outreach

In addition to assisting students of the University of Houston, the Dean of Students Office provides resources for their parents, including Parent and Family Weekend and the publication of the Cougar Parent Connection newsletter.