Meeting Schedule

for Organization Registration

Organization Registration is the beginning of the process for a student organization to become registered at the University of Houston. Every organization must send at least one top officer (organizations may send additional officers) to the meeting to learn about the policies and procedures of becoming a registered student organization. Both new and existing student organizations must attend the Organization Registration meeting every academic school year. Each session will last one hour to one and a half hours. Please note that students arriving more than 10 minutes late to the meeting will not be counted as attending the meeting.

Registration Sessions

Attendee must either be the Primary, Secondary, or Financial Officer

11/21/13 Thu 3:30 PM 5:00 PM UC Bluebonnet (Rm 250)
11/26/13 Tue 2pm-3:30pm, UC Bayou City (Rm 202)
12/5/13 Thu 2pm-3:30pm, UC Bayou City (RM 202)
12/11/13 Wed 1pm-2:30pm, UC Bayou City (RM 202)

** Please note that the online registration process has changed from previous years and is currently closed. The new process will be shared at the Organization Registration meetings.