Hello Cougars! Welcome to the University of Houston and the Center for Student Involvement.

The Center for Student Involvement is here because you and the Cougars before you found value in the skills, experiences, and connections that involvement fosters.

Our purpose as a Center is to help you be connected to the campus and the University, succeed in your academic field of interest, and gain skills for success after college. We do this by providing opportunities to be a member and leader in student organizations.

When you are involved outside of the classroom, you have an opportunity to apply what you learned to real world problems. Your classes are the foundation of your collegiate experience, but co-curricular involvement gives you a chance to do things you never thought you would and meet cool and interesting people. Our student leaders manage budgets, supervise others, provide a voice for students throughout the university, the city of Houston, and the State of Texas, interact with professors, administrators, and community leaders, work with vendors and alumni, develop and implement amazing programs and events, and so much more.

The advising staff in the enter for Student Involvement work directly with student leaders, supporting both the fee funded organizations and registered student organizations. The Center is open 51 weeks a year, and the staff are also present at events on the weeknights and weekends. The advising staff are Student Affairs professionals with master's degrees in Higher Education Administration, Student Personnel, or related fields. We are here for the students and dedicated to their success.

So come down to the Student Center 2nd floor and visit us, or browse our web site and find the organizations that are right for you.

Marcella Leung