Undergraduate Data Lab

Lab Use

The Sociology Undergraduate Data Lab contains twelve workstations which serve as a resource for students to complete departmental coursework, training, and/or research. All of the workstations have SPSS installed, permitting the completion of coursework for courses utilizing SPSS. STATA is also available on one station. The Data Lab is intended primarily for undergraduate use, but may also be used by faculty and graduate students as space permits.

The Data Lab is located on the fourth floor of Philip Hoffman Hall (PGH) in room 492.

Lab Availability

The data lab is open during normal business hours by contacting one of the lab administrators (see below). Undergraduate students must be accompanied in the lab by faculty, graduate students, or other staff, unless otherwise authorized by faculty. Note that sociology instructors have priority access to the lab

Lab Administrators

Please contact one of the administrators, below, to schedule time in the lab and/or with any questions about the lab and its uses.

Lab Director

Mary Jo Duncan
450 PGH
(713) 743-3940