Deaf Head Camera Study

Deaf infants and children needed for attention and language development study

To run the video logs you will need Quicktime.

Researchers at the Cognitive Development Laboratory at UH are seeking deaf infants and children for a research study. We are collecting behavioral data from deaf infants and children who have deaf or hearing parents and use American Sign Language daily. We want to document their looking behavior in their naturalistic play with their parents. Their vocabulary size will be documented as well.

This study will use head camera mounted on the child’s head to investigate the child’s first person view of the environment through a 7-minute semi-structured play activity with a caregiver. The lab is open on weekends to accommodate working parents’ schedule as well as those from outside of Houston. After the caregiver fills out some paperwork, we will put the caregiver and deaf child in a playroom where they will be videotaped. The total time from paperwork to play activity will be an hour. This will take place at the University of Houston’s Cognitive Development Laboratory. An ASL interpreter will be provided by the university.

If you are coming from outside of Houston, we will pay for gas mileage both ways. In addition, you will be given tickets to one of Houston area attractions (i.e. Houston Zoo or Children’s Museum).

Your child may be eligible if

  • the child is severely to profoundly deaf
  • the child uses American Sign Language and
  • the child does not have additional disabilities.

If you are interested and meet the eligibility requirements for this study, please contact the Cognitive Development Lab via e-mail at or phone (voice) at (713)743-4876.

Videophone Contact Information

Poorna Kushalnagar, Ph.D.,
Research Scientist and Collaborator
Videophone (VP): 866-758-9568
Hours: 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.