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Evidence-Based Treatment of Behavioral Sleep Problems in Children

Workshop Title: Evidence-Based Treatment of Behavioral Sleep Problems in Children

Presenter: Candice A. Alfano, Ph.D.

Date: Saturday, December 2, 2017

Time: 10:00am – 12:00pm

Location: Heyne Building, Room 135, University of Houston main campus

Workshop Description:

Adequate sleep is essential for all age groups, but sleep during childhood is particularly critical based on its overlap with physical and emotional development. Unfortunately, up to 70% of children in the U.S. age 10 and under experience problems with sleep several times per week. These problems pose significant risk for later mental health conditions including anxiety and depression. Left untreated, sleep problems also tend to persist into adulthood.  Effective, evidence-based treatments for children are available, but the number of providers with training in behavioral sleep medicine is highly limited.

This 2-hour workshop will provide a comprehensive overview of the assessment and treamtent of the most common sleep problems in children. Following a brief review of the essential role of sleep during the chilhdood years, specific risk factors for poor sleep will be discussed. Validated assessment tools that provide a comprehensive understanding of children’s sleep will then be reviewed, followed by presentation of evidence-based behavioral treatment strategies. The workshop will conclude with a detailed case example, discussion, and questions.

About the Presenter:

Dr. Candice Alfano is Professor of Psychology, a licensed clinical psychologist, and Director of the Sleep and Anxiety Center of Houston (SACH) at the University of Houston which provides affordable, evidence-based behavioral intervention services for children and adults. Dr. Alfano’s research program and clinical practice focuses on the role of sleep in the development of anxiety and mood disorders and effective psychosocial interventions. She has published more than 70 scientific papers, articles, chapters, and books focused on sleep, children, and evidence-based behavioral interventions.

Participants will learn….
  • about risk factors for and impairments associated with sleep problems in children.
  • to apply state-of-the-art assessment methods to identifying sleep problems in children.
  • to utilize evidence-based behavioral treatment strategies for children with sleep problems.

Intended Audience:

Psychologists, Social Workers, Child Psychiatrists, Pediatricians, Students and Trainees

Skill Level:

Beginner to Advanced

Schedule of Activities:
10:00am – 11:00am Assessment and Treatment of Childhood Sleep Problems
11:00am – 11:10am Break
11:10am – 11:40pm Clinical Case Example
11:40am – 12:00pm Summary, Questions, and Discussion


$150 for professionals; $75 for students and trainees participation. Students/trainees will be required to provide a letter from their supervisor/professor verifying status.

Continuing Education (CE):

This activity is approved by the Texas Psychological Association (TPA), approved by the Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists to offer professional development for psychologists. 3.0 hours of CE credits will be provided for attending the 2-hour workshop.

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