Areas of Concentration


The mission of the Child and Family Track of the Clinical Psychology Training Program is to develop leaders in the area of clinical child/family psychology who generate and disseminate scientific findings related to psychosocial development, affective and physical health, and evidence-based practices.

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Clinical Neuropsychology

UH has a long and storied history of graduate training in neuropsychology dating back to the 1970s. Students specializing in Clinical Neuropsychology at UH engage in tailored research, academic, and clinical activities that emphasize the science and practice of brain-behavior relationships across the lifespan. Students have access to a range of relevant research and clinical populations, including persons with neurological (e.g., dementia, traumatic brain injury, learning disabilities, and epilepsy), neuropsychiatric (e.g., substance use), and neuromedical (e.g., HIV/AIDS, neuro-oncology) conditions, as well as typically developing children and adults.

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Adult Behavior Disorders

The Adult Track of the Clinical Psychology Training Program exists to generate and disseminate scientifically derived information regarding psychosocial factors influencing affective and physical health, with an emphasis on ethnically and racially diverse populations. Students also assist development of evidence-based assessment, treatment, and prevention approaches for adult psychopathology and psychopathology-physical health comorbidities.

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