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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What does the Instructional Design team do?
Our team is your best resource when it comes to designing your course.  We can help you decide what format (hybrid or enhanced face to face) will work best for your course and what tools and technology will be best suited for that environment and the  content; and what types of assessments you should use.  We also provide weekly workshops  for Blackboard and other tools. The instructional designers are not responsible for providing technical support.

Who do I contact for technical issues with my computer or classroom computer?
You can contact the Classroom Technologies or CLASS Information Services for technical issues.

Blackboard Questions

How do I request my course in Blackboard?
You can request a Blackboard shell by using the Blackboard Course Request Form. Make sure you have your PeopleSoft ID handy since you will need that to access the form.

How do I access my courses in Blackboard?
You can access your course either via AccessUH or by going to Blackboard login page. Please note that we are now using Blackboard Learn.  We recommend using the Blackboard login page.

What information do I need for logging into Blackboard Learn?
You will need your cougarnet username and password for logging into Blackboard Learn.  This is the same login that you use for logging into the Outlook mail box.  If you don’t know what your cougarnet username is, or, if you need to reset your password, go to Computer Account Management or call the IT Help Desk at 713-743-1411. The Help Desk is available 24/7.

What if I don’t have a Cougarnet ID?
If you don’t have a cougarnet account you will need a Person of Interest (POI) account. You can find the POI form at Sponsored Account.

How do I add a TA to my course?
You can use the Blackboard Course Request Form to add or remove TAs.  Search for your course and then click on your last name which should be hyperlinked. The next screen will give you options to add TAs. Please make sure that you choose the applicable options for determining the role of your TA.

Who should I contact if I want to add a student to my course?
You must contact the Blackboard office at or 713 743 1475 option 1 for such requests. We are not authorized to add/remove students from your courses.

I can’t see my course in Blackboard. Who should I contact?
First, make sure that your course has been requested and created by going to the Blackboard Course Request Form . If the course status says ‘Created’, please contact Blackboard Learn office at 713 743 1475 option 1 or at . You can also contact Instructional Design team at  or  713-743-3918.

My course shell shows up blank in Blackboard although I requested content to be copied over. What should I do?
Contact the Blackboard office at 713-743-1475 option 1 or at  if you have questions about missing content. You can also contact the Instructional Design team. Please have the course and semester information handy.

My course has multiple sections but I see only one section in the current course shell. Who should I contact to rectify this problem?
Please contact Blackboard office at 713-743-1475 option 1 or at .  Please have the course and section information handy.

Course Design Questions

I have some ideas for how I want to enhance my course, but I'm not sure how to implement it. How can I get help?
That's what our team is for! Send us an email at or call 713-743-3918 to set up a time to meet with us.

I hear about the new class formats such as hybrid, flipped classroom and MOOCs. Who can I talk to about these new trends?
Our team is here to help you decide what format will work best for you. Please contact us at  or call 713-743-3918.

I have been doing paper tests and would like to create online tests and use the testing center. What do I need to do to make this happen?
For scheduling the testing center  you should contact the Testing center manager Samantha Stark at  If you want to put your tests online you can use Respondus, a third party tool, that allows you to upload your exams into Learn.  You can download Respondus at Software Downloads for UH Staff and Faculty.  The Quick guide for using Respondus shows steps on how to use Respondus.

Some of my colleagues are using Clickers. Should I use them too?
It depends on your content and the goal you are trying to accomplish. Please contact our Instructional Design team for a consultation.

Can you videotape my lectures?
Yes, we use a tool called Mediasite that captures both video and powerpoint at the same time.  It’s a good tool if blended well with the content. Check out this link to see why others are using Mediasite: Why Mediasite?  Please contact the Instructional Design team for further consultation.

Classroom Technology and Support Questions

I need a projector, laptop or other equipment in my classroom. Who do I contact to get it delivered?
You can visit the Classroom Technologies website and use the Request Equipment link or call them at 713-743-1155.

I need a special software to be available on my classroom computer? Can I install it myself or does someone else have to do it for me?
You are not authorized to install software on classroom computers. Please contact Classroom Technologies for assistance. Please make sure you allow enough time for installation and testing.

I am having technical problems with my computer. Who do I contact for assistance?
For help with computer systems, contact the CLASS Information Services group at 713-743-4006 during regular office hours.

CLASS Website Questions

I want to update my department website. Who do I contact for assistance?
For help with new or existing website updates, contact the CLASS Web Services group at or 713-743-3918 during regular office hours. Please note: CLASS Web Services does not maintain personal faculty websites.