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MPA Network - Social - August 11, 2011

MPA - social group picture
MPA Program $100,000 endowment by alumnus David Hawes - L to R – MPA Alumni Network President Loftin, MPA alumnus David Hawes, UH Office of Development Kim Howard, and MPA Director James Thurmond

MPA - social group picture - best paper award winner
MPA Best Paper Award Winner - MPA Dir. James Thurmond, winner Leah Granacki, and President Mike Loftin

MPA - social group picture - best paper award
MPA Best Paper Awards 2011 --- L to R - Award coordinator Kathleen Rubinstein, 2nd place winners Leah Wolfthal and Tommy McClung, and Network President Mike Loftin.

MPA - social group picture - Scholarships
MPA Alumni Network scholarships for 2011-2012 -- L to R - Maria Ishad, President Mike Loftin, MPA students Tommy McClung, Mathilde Allard, Stephanie Russell, and Lesley Nelson, and Director James Thurmond