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Social Activities

Military Ball 2013

Annual Social Activities

One of the Army's traditions that continue to be carried out today is hosting and attending a formal military ball. Such ans event allows cadets to come together in their finest attire and socialize with fellow cadets as well as spouses or dates. Every year the Houston Battalion participates in this tradition and enjoys a night of fun.


Annual Social Activities

Cadets giving up their time to teach children a little more about the Army. In addition to studying for classes and getting sweaty at PT every week, our cadets make time to in their busy schedules to volunteer in the community. Volunteer opportunities are a small way for us to give back.

Physical Training

Annual Social Activities

Cadets enjoying their victory after a friendly PT competition. Physical Training is important to the Army and here at the Houston Battalion we find ways to make it fun and competitive for our cadets.

Live Radio Event

Annual Social Activities

The Houston Battalion enjoys good food and fun at the live radio event. Here they were able to get the word out about the ROTC Program while enjoying a good time with fellow cadets.


Annual Social Activities

Cadet Borromeo enjoys her time with new friends that she was fortunate to meet while spending time overseas in Cambodia on the CULP experience