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Chinese Resourses

Dictionary and online learning

Language and Literature


  • Chinese Poem -Poems by Du Fu, Wang Wei, Li Bai and others in characters, pinyin and literal and literary English. Includes subject index.
  • Song of Roses -A collection of poems by Vena Yin Sheng, presented in Chinese calligraphy and translated into English.


  • Chinese Music -links to download Chinese songs; titles are in English
  • Wei Ming Magazine -online information on Chinese arts and literature, English version
  • -Bi-monthly online magazine, covering traditional and contemporary art.
  • Tongram Online -Includes works by Tong Da-Nian, Guo Yi-Fang and Xu Zhi-Hai.

Art Museums


  • Art Exhibition Online, Hong Kong, a portfolio -Limited Edition abstract calligraphy created from original historical documents (China/Britain,1997 Hong Kong Handover). Lithographs by artist Pat Elliott Shircore.
  • Gallery Opus - Hong Kong art gallery, showing limited edition abstract calligraphy created from historical documents.
  • Teaching Chinese Language and Calligraphy - Learning Chinese and calligraphy online or offline.
  • Dr Xu, Zhi-Hai - Biography of award-winning artist, links to on line galleries of his seal and calligraphy work.
  • Chinese calligraphy - Brush calligraphy is an art unique to Asian cultures. Shu (calligraphy), Hua (painting), Qin (a string musical instrument), and Qi (a strategic boardgame) are the four basic skills and disciplines of the Chinese literati.


  • NewsLink -Find links to newspapers covering most of China’s provinces, as well as the national Xinhua News Agency.
  • China Informed - news on China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, in English.
  • SingTao -online daily news, USA edition.
  • Asia Observer -Links page of news agency stories and background information.
  • Xinhua News -News stories arranged by topic, with a searchable database.
  • Intelligence Briefing -Links to Chinese news stories from assorted agencies.
  • Gateway2China -Analysis and alternative perspectives on China-related topics and current events.
  • The Voices of Chinese -Articles, reviews and forums, with links to news stories and MP3 audio.



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