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Grant Proposals

Steps in Writing a Grant Proposal

  1. Prepare to write your grant:
    • Consult sponsor guidelines
    • Make a checklist of required materials
  2. Draft the proposal
    • Contact Angela Clifton in the Dean's Office at; (713) 743-3702.  She will be glad to assist you in completing any portion of the proposal, processing the transmittal, reviewing drafts, etc.
  3. Complete required UH processing forms in the following links
    • UH Proposal Transmittal Form in RAMP - To access the system, use your cogarnet login and password.
    • Fringe Benefits Calculator worksheets for each year of any requested salaries
    • Human Subjects approvals (if necessary)
    • Animal Care forms (if necessary)
    • Conflict of Interest form (once annually)
    All the above forms are found here in PDF, MS Word, and/or Excel formats.
  4. Department chairman’s/ Dean's signatures
    • Once you approve and sign the electronic transmittal form, your chair will be notified automatically through the system to sign. As soon as the chair’s signature is in place, the Dean will be notified to sign and once he signs, OCG will be notified to approve.
  5. Submit proposal to Angela Clifton in the Dean's Office
    • Once the RAMP transmittal has obtained the required approvals, the Dean's Office in conjunction with the Office of Contracts and Grants (OCG) requests 3 working days to review a proposal.
    • The proposal will be reviewed for completeness and compliance, and an Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR) signature will obtained.
    • Angela Clifton (or OCG) will submit the proposal to the sponsor and forward a submission confirmation receipt to you.
  6. Notification
    • OCG will notify you when the sponsor has reviewed the application and made a decision.
    • OCG is also in charge of administering all grants made to UH. They will provide the Notice of Award and other documentation.
  7. If you need help

Lifecycle of a Grant Proposal

Every grant application at UH goes through an eight-step process:

  1. Faculty member has an idea
  2. Research funding opportunities
  3. Approval from OCG to proceed with proposals
  4. Proposal prepared by PI and approval signatures obtained: PI, Chair/Director, Dean, VP Research
  5. Submit proposal to OCG for review
  6. Submit proposal to agency
  7. Agency review
  8. Award issued to UH