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Statement of Mission:

The Language and Culture Center, the intensive English program of the University of Houston, strives to provide the highest quality instruction in academic English, to promote intercultural communication, and to provide appropriate support services to international students seeking admission to the University of Houston and to other colleges and universities in the United States. To achieve this mission, the Language and Culture Center has the following goals:

Goal 1:

The Language and Culture Center will ensure that all programs are administered with excellence, responsiveness, and integrity. It will

  • ensure quality in program administration, program curricula, teaching, and student services;
  • maintain compliance with the highest professional standards;
  • develop and support collaborative teaching curricula;
  • support staff development;
  • develop new programs/courses responsive to student need;
  • provide and distribute student brochures with full disclosure of program descriptions, costs, and calendars;
  • provide and distribute staff, program assistant, and student handbooks with full disclosure of all policies.

Goal 2:

The Language and Culture Center will support the related enrollment and academic priorities of the University of Houston. It will

  • serve as a resource for the internationalization of teaching, research, and service at the University of Houston;
  • prepare students linguistically and culturally for University of Houston graduate and undergraduate degree programs;
  • maintain communication with the office of International Student and Scholar Services;
  • facilitate classroom visits and research by University of Houston professors, students and other professionals.

Goal 3:

The Language and Culture Center will maintain an office and classroom environment that is positive, humane, service oriented, and friendly where all participants (staff, program assistants, students, and sponsors) feel welcome and want to return.