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Valenti Voices: Debate at UH

Valenti Voices: The Debate at UH is a live broadcasted educational experience presented by the Valenti School of Communication. The purpose of the broadcast (and related focus groups) is to engage the University of Houston community during the GOP presidential debate. Emceed by talented communication majors, Valenti Voices will feature interviews with students and faculty and offer behind-the-scene peeks at two unique student focus groups, which will live tweet commentary and pose questions for an interactive poll during the debate.

How to Watch

Want to watch the broadcast? Here are three ways to tune in:

  • Attend the Student Watch Party: Valenti Voices will be broadcasted on an exclusive campus feed to the student watch party in the Houston Room at the Student Center South.
  • Join us in the CTC: Additionally, communication majors interesting in participating in the activity can experience the event at the Valenti School of Communication in the Computer Technology Center, which is located on the second floor of the building.
  • Watch us online: Have your laptop or mobile device handy and tune into the Valenti Voices broadcast through our YouTube livesteam.

How to Engage

The purpose of this educational activity is to create a meaningful political experience for students at the Valenti School of Communication and the members of the University of Houston community who attend the watch party.

So that our students’ voices can be heard during this debate, we have formed two focus group teams that will engage the UH community through live tweeting and instant interactive polls.

  • Social Media Focus Group:  As the debate unfolds, a dedicated group of Valenti students will be live tweeting commentary and updates on Twitter. Join the conversation using the hashtags #DebateatUH and #ValentiVoices. Also, subscribe to the Valenti School of Communication’s (@UHValentiSchool) “#ValentiVoices” list on Twitter to see these students’ live Tweets. (Unsure how to subscribe to a Twitter list? Check out this guide.) Live Tweeting will begin at 7:30 pm.
  • Public Opinion Focus Group: Additionally, a team of communication students – led by UH professors Dr. Lindita Camaj and Dr. Scott Clifford - will formulate questions and pose them to the UH community through an interactive poll to allow everyone to weigh in during the debate. Although anyone can participate, the poll will be displayed at the Student Watch Party in the Student Center. Additionally, members of the University of Houston community can participate in the poll online.

Both focus groups will operate out of the Valenti School of Communication’s Community Technology Center. For questions on how to get involved, please contact LaRahia Smith, communication manager at the Valenti School of Communication.