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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies or Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies: Which One Is For Me?

A: Our majors who do the B.A. path have the UH language requirement to do, i.e. two semesters of sophomore level foreign language.  For the B.S. path, instead of foreign language there are 8 additional credit hours required in a combination of math, math reasoning, and science.  Your choice depends on 1) your career goals and how you want to prepare yourself best for the job market or for graduate studies; 2) your interests; and 3) your graduation trajectory.  These things should be considered with our LS Academic Advisor, your minor program advisors, and in consultation also with Dr. Behr, the Director of Liberal Studies.

Q: If I make Liberal Studies my major, how do I decide which minors to do?

A: The minors you choose to make your B.A. in Liberal Studies will depend on your personal interests and professional goals. Up to one of the minors can be chosen from outside of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences.  You should plan on meeting with the Academic Advisor for Liberal Studies or with the Director of Liberal Studies to discuss your program as soon as you think you may want to do the Liberal Studies degree.

Q: What kind of minors would make good combinations?

A: The possibilities depend only on you and your goals. You can combine minors in History, English and Classics for instance for a well-rounded Humanities degree. You could combine Anthropology, Sociology and Psychology for a powerful social science orientation. You could combine Political Science, History, and Classics, or, perhaps English, Economics, and Philosophy as great pre-law degrees. Or how about History, Political Science, and Economics for going into secondary education in social studies? Or if you want to go into secondary foreign language instruction, you might choose German, French, and English or History. With the option of using a minor from outside of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, the sky is really the limit on tailoring a degree to compliment your goals. With all these options, you should work closely with the Liberal Studies Academic Advisor and with the Liberal Studies Director, as well as with the Academic Advisors in your three minor programs

Q: Do I have to do a minor in Business to go to graduate school for an MBA?

A: The trend of many MBA programs, here at UH and across the country, is in favor of incoming students with a well-rounded Liberal Arts education. The first year of MBA studies at many schools provide all the foundation in Economics and Accounting that the degree requires. Be sure to check with the specific MBA program you have in mind for their particular entrance requirements and preferences.

Q: What is the Liberal Studies Practicum requirement, and how do I complete it?

A: The Practicum requirement for the Liberal Studies degree is meant to complement your degree program with a powerful, job-market-valuable experience that will distinguish your degree and give you a competitive edge in your career. There are three options for completing the Practicum requirement, each of which requires enrollment in a UH credit-bearing course, which may or may not be part of one of your minor requirements. The Study Abroad option can be through any approved UH faculty-led course abroad, for which there are many options. The Research Project option must be for an existing designated capstone course identified as such in the UH catalogue or website, or for an Honors thesis. The Internship option may be with either a commercial or non-profit concern with an established internship program. The approval process for these options are to be submitted to the Director of Liberal Studies before the start of a semester in which the relevant course is to be offered.

Q: I’ve heard Internships are one of the best ways to get a job after college, how do I go about finding one?

A: It’s true that internships, both paid and unpaid, are an excellent way to get experience, to make connections, and sometimes to get a job offer right away after graduation. UH Career Services has put together a great PowerPoint presentation for our Practicum Orientation sessions that you can study here… it’s worth your considering if you think an Internship is for you to fulfill your Liberal Studies Practicum!

View the Powerpoint

Q: I am interested in the UH/UTSON B.A./B.S.N. 3+2 Nursing Dual Degree program.

A: This great dual degree with the B.S.N. program for entering students is administered through the Honors College.  Nursing Dual Degree students accepted into that program will still do a Liberal Studies major for their B.A.  For Nursing Dual Degree program information, contact:  Dr. Aaron Reynolds, aereynol@Central.UH.EDU, or Dr. Helen Valier, hkvalier@Central.UH.EDU.

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