Anthropology (ANTH) Courses

New Course Sequence in Applied Archaeology

Starting Fall 2014

A new four-semester course sequence in applied archeology is being offered in the Department of Comparative Cultural Studies in the Fall. The archaeologists in the Department have long focused on fieldwork aimed at academic research and the evaluation of historical sites. This new course sequence complements such knowledge by training students to meet current demand in energy, road construction and building sites, all of which require well-trained and experienced entry-level archaeologists. The courses offer on-site skills—excavation, data collection, synthesis, analysis and documentation—as well as instruction in federal, state, and local legal regulations, archival research, pedestrian surveys, site-testing, the writing of reports, and more. These skills are required for employment upon graduation. We hope to obtain contracts that will provide field experience for students, and possibly internships and/or remuneration.

This sequence will interest students in cultural and biomedical anthropology, as well as those focusing on archaeology.

  1. Fall Semester (2014): Two courses:

    • a) ANTH 3380: Archaeological Method and Theory (Instructor: Dr. Ken Brown)
      OR ANTH 3379: Methods in Historical Archaeology (not offered this Fall)


    • b) ANTH 4383: Applied Archaeology (Instructor: Ms. Karen Belvin)

  2. Spring Semester (2015): One course:

    • ANTH 4394: Selected Topics: Method and Theory in Field Research (will become ANTH 4386 starting Fall 2015) (Instructor: Ms. Belvin)

  3. Summer Session (2015): Two Courses
    Field School (a new nine week format):
    • ANTH 4391 Archaeological Fieldwork I (Instructors: Dr. Brown and Ms. Belvin)


    • ANTH 4392 Archaeological Fieldwork II (Instructors: Dr. Brown and Ms. Belvin)

  4. Second Fall Semester in the Program (2015): One Course
    • ANTH 4394: Selected topics: Data Analysis and Report Writing in Archaeology (will become ANTH 4387 starting Fall 2015) (Instructor: Dr. Ken Brown)

This sequence of courses will begin each Fall Semester and end after the following Fall semester. By taking this sequence, students will be prepared to work as applied archaeologists.