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New Cadet Information

Air Force 2015


  • New Cadets are required to bring the following to New Cadet Orientation, which will be held at 9 am on Friday, January 12th at the AFROTC Detachment office (Room 109)
      • Air Force FM 28, Pre-Participatory Physical. Note: You must download this .pdf file to your computer; it will not work if you try to open it from the website. There are a variety of low cost places you can get a sports physical other than your family physician or pediatrician. You might try your University or College’s Student Medical Center or your local pharmacy, such as CVS or Walgreens. FM 28
        • Social Security Card
        • Birth Certificate (must be the original; if not original then a certified copy)
        • Selective service number for males (if you do not have your number visit, click on "check a registration" and input the appropriate information to retrieve your #)
        • Current immunization records
        • Bank account and bank routing number (can be found on a check)
        • High School Transcript (certified copy is okay)
        • College Transcripts (if you’ve attended college before); these can be printed copies, not official
        • If you were in JROTC, bring your certificate of completion
        • Provide permanent address, phone number, and email
        • SAT and/or ACT scores; these can be printed copies
        • DD Form 214 (if applicable)
        • Completed Form 28 Pre-Participatory Physical, Form 28. See NOTE above.
        • Current enrollment record showing full time student status (enrolled in at least 12 credit hours)
  • Your college/university may require you to be “force gained” into one of the courses due to conflicting lab times. If this is the case, contact AFROTC Cadre for help as soon as you are notified of the conflict.
  • Physical Training (“PT”) will begin on Wednesday, 17 January at 0600 (6 a.m.). If you have not already turned it in prior to attending your first PT session, you must bring your Form 28 (Pre-Participatory Physical Form) to PT. If you do not have your physical complete, you will not be allowed to participate until the physical is complete and turned in to AFROTC Cadre.
  • Cadets are required to attend at least three Physical Training (PT) sessions per week. PT will be held at 0600 (6 a.m.) every weekday morning.