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Websites for Kids

Fun and Educational Web Sites for Kids and Families:


The Artist’s Toolkit: Explore the tools that artists use— like line, color and balance to build works of art.

National Gallery of Art | NGA Kids: All about art - interactive art activities, projects, art history, and art education.


American Library Association | Great Web Sites for Kids: A list of sites evaluated by children’s librarians.

Boys’ Life: Boy Scouts’ online magazine to play challenging games, laugh at funny jokes, build amazing projects, participate in contests and much more.


BrainPOP Jr. (for K-3): Educational web site featuring short mini-movies about math, technology, health, science, social studies, arts & music, and English. (Free trial) A guide to the best web sites for kids divided by multiple categories.

New Moon Girls: Safe online community and magazine by girls— for girls ages 8 to 12, to engage in self-discovery, creativity, and community.

PBS Kids: Games and activities of the popular educational television programs.

Reading Rainbow: Features games, annual young writers and illustrators contest, and an extensive children’s book list from the award-winning PBS television program.


Children’s World Cookbook: (Enter keywords: world cookbook, then enter page numbers to browse recipes). Fantastic recipes from around the world!

Kids Cooking Activities: Learning in the kitchen: family and child-friendly cooking recipes and activities.

KidsHealth: Nonprofit organization, Nemours’ website for kids and teens about staying healthy and fit.


Cool Math 4 Kids: An online math amusement park! World of math online.

Math Playground: A fun math workout for elementary and middle school students.

The Mint: Fun Financial Literacy: Fun and interactive way for kids and teens to learn about all the things people do with money: earning, saving, spending, investing, donating, safeguarding, and borrowing.


Music of Dan Zanes and Friends: A whimsical band the whole family can enjoy— blends many musical genres including folk, rock, reggae, blues, and world beats into a truly unique sound.

Pandora Internet Radio: With parents’ help and permission, kids can create a personalized, online music listening station of various musical genres.

Putumayo Kids: World music celebration - introduces children to other cultures through music from around the world.

Science and Nature

Defenders of Wildlife: Kids’ Planet: Learn about endangered animals and ways you can help, includes games and animal fact sheet.

National Geographic Kids: Learn about different people, places and animals around the globe.

Science News for Kids: Features up to date science news for ages 9-14.

World Wildlife Fund: Educational games that raise awareness of environmental and conservation issues.

Social Studies

Social Studies for Kids: U.S. history, world history, geography, holidays, and links to other history sites.

Compiled by Ms. Loft