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The school calendar includes upcoming events, important testing dates, school closures, and holidays. It assists parents in order to stay informed and plan ahead. Parents can easily add events from this calendar to their own calendar.

Weekly Tuesday Letter

Weekly Tuesday Letters are personally written by our School Principal to inform parents on upcoming events and policies. We used to send these Tuesday Letters in weekly student folders, but we are now providing them electronically. Our goal is to promote parent involvement and keep our parents informed. View an archive of the Weekly Tuesday Letters.

Breakfast & Lunch Calendar

These monthly calendars will inform parents on what their child is eating at school. Parents have the option of packing their child’s meals, paying for school meals or applying for a free or reduced priced meal. For more information please contact us at 713-743-9111, our students enjoy eating the food served at school and often say the portions are filling and taste yummy.

UHCS Newsletters

UHCS Newsletters are a glimpse of our campus as a whole. You can see students engaged in class projects and learning. Newsletters might also include upcoming fundraisers and events