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Health & Child Nutrition

Meal Information

The University of Houston Charter School (UHCS) families and staff promote a safe and healthy environment for our children. Heathly children can fully explore valuable learning experiences provided in our school. To preserve this safe environment, we promote basic health habits.

UHCS students wash hands frequently, sleep adequate numbers of hours, limit television viewing, eat breakfast and a balanced diet, stay home when we have a potentially infectious illness (fever, rash, vomiting, diarrhea), exercise and play regularly, drink plenty of water, and buckle our seatbelts.

Child Nutrition

Please provide your child a healthy breakfast before school each day. Protein needs can be met with a wide range of foods from eggs, fish and dairy to corn  tortillas with beans.

Send or purchase a nutritious lunch.

Snacks sent to school should follow the Texas Department of Agriculture’s updated Nutrition policy (coming soon) for school snacks.

Do not include candy, chewing gum, sodas/ soft drinks or fried chips. Please remove These items from prepackaged “lunchables.”