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Annual School Fees

School Fees 2018-2019

The UH Charter School voluntary fee for each enrolled student is $110.00 per year for students in grade K- 3rd grade and $135.00 for students in grades 4 and 5. The higher voluntary fee for grades 4 and 5 is because students in these grade levels participate in an overnight field trip which has increased costs as compared to the field trips for the other grade levels.

By collecting a school fee, UHCS will eliminate the need for fund raising for many of the events. No child will be denied any opportunity at UHCS based upon ability to pay the voluntary fee. UHCS will still have the need to solicit parental support for the following events: the World Bazaar, Field Day, Family Dance, Art Show, Chili Cook-off and other class related events. The support will be in the form of donations for food, materials and time. 

The fees collected will be used to pay for the following school items and/or events:

Item/ Event Approximate Cost
School Folders $400.00
School Shirts $1000.00
School Agendas $270.00
5th grade Expedition $2800.00
4th grade San Antonio Historical Field Trip $3800.00
K-1  - 2 field trips $1200.00
Grade 2 – 2 field trips $1200.00
Grade 3  - 2 field trips $1200.00
Grade 4 – 1 additional field trip $600.00
Grade 5 – 1 additional field trip $600.00
Annual  Field Day Tee Shirts $1000.00
Yearbook $1104.00