Learning Disability and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (LD/ADHD) Assessment

CAPS offers a limited number of low-cost LD/ADHD assessments each year to assist students in need. Students who believe they may have a learning disability or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can meet with a clinician and discuss the possibility of testing at CAPS. Given that testing and report-writing are resource-intensive processes, CAPS only conducts psychological testing when clinically indicated. LD/ADHD testing services are only for students seeking academic accommodations at the University of Houston. CAPS utilizes a waitlist process for managing the demand for assessments. You may also contact CAPS to inquire regarding referrals in the community for obtaining LD/ADHD assessments

FAQs for UH students contemplating an ADHD or Learning Disability Assessment

Below are some helpful frequently asked questions (FAQs) students have about pursuing an ADHD or LD assessment.

I am struggling academically in college. I have never been diagnosed with a learning disability or ADHD. What should I do first?

  • We encourage students to pursue assistance from Learning & Support Services (LSS). Often, students who are struggling academically in college and receive help with study strategies geared to specific classes, time management, and tutoring, see an improvement in their grades.
  • Comprehensive psychological evaluations are time consuming and costly for students. Many students benefit from seeking academic support before pursuing an individual evaluation.

What if I decide to seek an assessment with CAPS?

  • The CAPS protocol for LD/ADHD assessment is extremely thorough and designed specifically for evaluating and documenting the need for academic accommodations for students enrolled at the University of Houston
  • CAPS provides a limited number of these assessments each year at a discounted price.  Assessments are provided at specified times. If the timeline in which CAPS can provide assessments is a concern, please explore options in the community (see below).
  • Pursuing assessment at CAPS means that you may be placed on a waiting list and there is a possibility that the assessment will be provided in the current semester or the following semester

If I go to CAPS, will I automatically receive an assessment for ADHD or a learning disability?

  • At CAPS we strive to individualize services to better meet client needs.
  • When you request an ADHD or LD assessment, a CAPS clinician will assess based on your history and the difficulties that you report (as well as any documentation you can supply) whether an assessment is appropriate or if other campus services might better meet your needs.

Where else can I obtain a psychological assessment for ADHD or learning disability?

  • There are several options for ADHD and LD assessments in the community. We encourage you to use the Psychology Today provider search to locate a private provider.
  • CAPS maintains a list of several providers in the Houston community who perform ADHD and LD assessments. Please contact us and request a referral to a private provider.
  • If you decide to seek an evaluation in the community, the Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD) encourages you to print out information from the CSD website to bring to the evaluator in order to ensure that that evaluation satisfies requirements of the University of Houston’s  Academic Accommodations Evaluation Committee

How do I obtain temporary accommodations?

  • A letter recommending that temporary accommodations be granted to students can be written by a qualified physician or psychologist. For example: if your pediatrician has been treating you with medication for ADHD s/he would be in a good position to write a letter supporting temporary accommodations based on his/her diagnosis. Clinicians at CAPS may assist students with letters supporting temporary accommodation (if diagnostically supported) if a student has never before been evaluated or if they are unable to contact previous providers.
  • If you present at CAPS, a clinician will assess based on your history and the difficulties that you report (as well as any documentation you can supply) whether a letter supporting temporary accommodations is appropriate.
  • As always, the final decision to grant temporary accommodations is made by the University of Houston’s Academic Accommodations Evaluation Committee.

Once I select an assessment provider, what can I do to ensure that my evaluation is completed in a timely manner?

  • If you choose to pursue an assessment with a private provider or with CAPS, there are steps you can take to ensure that your evaluation is completed in a timely manner:
    • Be flexible in having blocks of time to give to the assessment process
    • Keep scheduled appointments (cancelling appointments prolongs the evaluation process).
    • Respond quickly to emails and telephone calls from your clinician in order to begin the assessment process as quickly as possible