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Blaffer: Sergio Prego Artist Talk

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Sergio Prego’s talk, “Euclidean Geometry and Sadomasochism,” will explore relationship between regimes of representation and related sexual practices.

The New York-based artist Prego creates unfamiliar perceptual and spatial situations in order to examine contemporary realms of experience. Prego takes inspiration from the performative or experiential turn of the 1960s — that is, the idea that meaning is made of and stems from the viewer’s embodied experience. His sculptural devices specifically created for the galleries, including robotic arms, moving walls or inflatable membranes, transform the pre-existing spatial and discursive context of the art institution so as to shape experiences beyond our conventional matrix of attitudes, habits and beliefs.

His exhibition “Rose-colored Drift/To the Students” is on view at Blaffer Art Museum through January 27, 2018. The exhibition is curated by Javier Sanchez Martinez, Cynthia Woods Mitchell Curatorial Fellow at Blaffer Art Museum. More information at

School of Art, Room 110
Blaffer Art Museum
Blaffer Art Museum: 713-743-9521