Wednesday, January 31, 2018

See the world! Did you know you can study abroad, as well as intern, do research, volunteer, or even teach abroad? Meet our UH faculty-led program leaders, affiliated providers, scholarship organizations, academic departments, and the UH Learning Abroad and Passport for Coogs team members.

Community Film Students

Join the UH LGBTQ Resource Center for a showing of "Genderations," a documentary about gender and its role in society, followed by a panel of gender nonconforming, gender non-binary, and/or gender fluid individuals.

Training and Workshops Students Featured

All UH students are invited to join in for an interactive dining experience on the rules of etiquette.

Arts Performances Music Student

Toby Kamps, Jane Dale Owen Director of Blaffer Art Museum, offers a behind-the-scenes view of contemporary exhibition-making in his talk "Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Contemporary Art Museums (But Were Afraid to Ask)."